Temple Run Mobile App Review

Temple run is high definition endless running game powered and developed by Imangi Studios. The game covers an explorer with an old relic who is escaping away from evil like-monkey chasing him. To turn the corners, the player swipes the screen side to side, while swiping upward or backward causes the character to jump over or slide through the obstacles.

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Mobile App Review for Temple Run

Play Temple Run to test your reflexes and take on the game’s challenges. The game was first made for IOS devices only, but it’s now made for android and windows phones. This game is designed to control a running guy, and it does an excellent job of relying on that urgency. While it doesn’t play like a story, this game jogs with player’s reflex abilities, keeping them on their toes. More often, the player will die, but the play experience is incredibly interesting.
The game does offer an in-app purchase for upgrades and characters, but the players have a choice either to go for premium or free play, which is impressive. However, the player can as well earn credit for those items, but this might take a much longer time. Though, since it’s an addictive game, the game experience is different from what it sounds like.
The game is safe for older kids, but parents should be aware that this game features some mild cartoon violence. Currently, there is no age verification while downloading Temple Run. It is essential as a parent or guardian to set limits on how often your kid should play the game and discuss with them the dangers of forming tech addiction.


  • Objective – they include in-game achievements that the player is awarded upon completing specific tasks. This objective ranges from hitting individual point values, which results in upgraded power-ups. Earn achievements through 36 objectives in the game.
  • Store – at the store, players can purchase certain items such as wallpapers, power-ups, characters, and utilities for a different amount of coins. Power-ups appear on the game and change the aspect of the game. The player can play as a different character instead of the Guy Dangerous, the typical adventurer.
  • Great aesthetics – The truth is, this game can hypnotizing any individual with their rich graphics.
  • Easy control systems – it is easy to control the movement of the Guy running in the game. Just swiping up or down makes the runner jump or slide under obstacles. Also, swiping sideways moves the runner to opposite directions.

Pros of the Application

  • Free to download
  • Same addictive gameplay
  • New enhanced features

Cons of the Application

  • Slightly buggy
  • In-app purchase diminishes competition
Why Should Someone Download Temple Run
Passing free time playing games with a tablet or smartphone requires easy applications that are quick to learn. Temple’s run excellent graphics and satisfying gameplay make it the right choice for casual games. Download Temple Run today and start enjoying this thrilling gameplay that is a decent choice of entertainment.


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