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Nothing epitomizes military power and innovative engineering quite like a well-built tank. Tanks are exhilarating to drive, exciting to shoot with, and they symbolize the ultimate war machine. Therefore, it's not surprising that these tank games have some of the largest user bases of any gaming category on mobile. They lend themselves quite naturally to multiplayer competitions, and the right tank game can provide you with hours of fun on your smartphone or tablet. Tank Stars is a fun and simple game that offers an epic experience without the need for tons of RAM.

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Rumble Into Combat With This Thrilling Tank Shooter

The Tank Stars app is quite similar to other mobile tank games in many respects, but this game has several twists. As you vie for supremacy on the virtual battlefield of Tank Stars, you can call in reinforcements and use all kinds of advanced weaponry to blow up enemy combatants. It’s always easy to start a multiplayer battle on Tank Stars, and the app is growing in popularity quite fast.

You can easily download Tank Stars from either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store, and the game is free to install.


  • More Than Eight Exciting Tanks To Choose From – Before you head into battle, you must choose your tank from a variety of enticing options. Depending on what you want to accomplish, some tanks are better suited than others. You can choose from tanks that specialize in launching missiles, tanks that have powerful artillery cannons, and tanks that excel in executing advanced ground maneuvers.
  • Simple Side-Scrolling Gameplay – Hop right into the player pool and take on your friends right away. With the game’s simple two-dimensional environments, you can learn how to play quite fast.


  • The side-scrolling gameplay makes this app simple to learn. You don’t need to manage complicated three-dimensional battlefields. You can simply aim the guns of your tank and fire at your opponents. This significantly decreases the game’s learning curve, and you can pick up the basic strategy in a matter of minutes.
  • You can upgrade your tanks as you play. With that said, the tank you start with could be different than what you end with. This makes it possible to try all kinds of different vehicles and judge their relative strengths and weaknesses. It’s easy to switch vehicles in the middle of the game if one is too difficult to use.
  • A lot of tank games require an advanced graphics card and all kinds of other hardware, but you can run this game on any mobile device.
  • It’s easy to work your way through all of the levels and compete with other players, but it’s not so easy that the game is boring. In other words, the game offers an adequate challenge without being too hard to play.


  • There are way too many ads in the game. It’s certainly a great idea to download Tank Stars and give it a try, but ads get in the way.


The Tank Stars app is a great game for mobile devices of all shapes and sizes. Regardless of your tablet’s hardware capabilities, do yourself a favor and download Tank Stars today.


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