Subway Surfers Mobile App Review

In an exciting run and hide game, Subway Surfers gives you a chance to collect coins and keys. Surf the subways, avoid the trains and stay aware of your surroundings. You can run forever, the farther you run, the more you gain.

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Endless Running In Subway Surfers

Join in with Jake and some buddies to surf the subways. Along the way, collect coins, keys and maybe do some tagging. Just do not allow the grumpy inspector or his crabby dog to come along and catch you. This is an arcade-style game with awesome graphics and easy to use controls. The music helps keep you running and collecting the goods along the way. This is your chance to download Subway Surfers and start having fun.

If you play smart, you run on top of the trains so you can see any challenge coming up ahead of you. Using a hoverboard will enable you to avoid crashes and serious injuries. Keep ahead of the trains while running along the tracks, carefully weave in and out to collect all the coins on the tracks too.
The coins and keys will help you to unlock boosters and special gear to use throughout the game. There are also some amazing upgrades that will extend the power and life in the coin magnets, multipliers, and even the super sneakers.

Running along the tracks helps you in collecting more coins. However, being on those subway tracks makes it easier for the grumpy inspector and his even crabbier dog to locate and catch you. You want to stay far away from them as long as you can. This is the one game that will keep you on your toes and running away from the authorities. This game, however, will not garner you any punishment from the law.


  • Special gear to assist in collecting and racing through the subway.
  • Many unique and interesting characters to join in with you and your friends.
  • Special areas throughout the year, such as Dia’ de Los Muertos; during Halloween.
  • Great music to listen to.
  • Smooth graphics make it easy on the eyes.

Pros and Cons


  • Lots of characters to play
  • Fast-paced and keeps boredom from coming along
  • Coins, keys and bonuses that help along the way.


  • When wearing the Super sneakers, you cannot always collect coins on the tracks

This is a highly addictive running game that is hard to stop at the end of the day. You also have many special assists to help you, this alone makes it worthwhile to download Subway Surfers and play every day. It is time to join Jake and his friends, help your friends and family out in the game. Compare final scores to see who runs and collects faster.


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