Space Frontier Mobile App Review

The Space Frontier app is a rocket simulation game where you were trying to launch a rocket as far as possible. Your main job in the play is making sure that the rocket stage is at the right time.

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Full Description of the Space Frontier App

Space Frontier is a rocket simulation game where the goal is to launch your rocket as high as possible, this includes reaching Mars in other planets. You will find it a challenge and a game, but not because of flight controls. The challenge results from you needing to stage at the right moment to maximize your flight, but not blow up the vehicle.

You do not get anything even close to a realistic space flight simulator. Not only are you unrealistically going straight up but the stages are unrealistically short. For example, the first stage burnt out before you clear the tower. You will find it fun and challenging, but it is not even close to being realistic.

While playing this game, you will blow up a lot of rockets and probably have a lot of fun doing it. In order to succeed in this game, you do need to give it a lot of concentration. However, you only need to give it high levels of concentration for short periods of time.

Features of the Space Frontier App

  • Multiple ways of earning in-game currency.
  • Easy access to posting your progress on social media.
  • View stats of other players.
  • Achievements for you to make.
  • Includes other planets.
  • Select any crew size you want.
  • Add as many stages as you can buy with in-game currency.
  • Variety of different capsules.

Pros of Downloading Space Frontier

  • Free rocket simulation game.
  • Fun and challenging rocket simulation game.
  • Good way to pass the time.

Cons of Downloading Space Frontier

  • Completely unrealistic.
  • It can get annoyingly frustrating to play.
  • Ads appear in annoying places.

Space Frontier is a fun but unrealistic rocket simulation game. If you are looking for a space flight simulator, this is not the game for you. However, if you just want to have fun launching and frequently blowing up rockets then you will likely enjoy this game. Downloading Space Frontier and playing it will give you hours of fun. When launching these rockets, the flights are short and can get frustrating, but this also makes the game fun.


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