Sonic Dash Mobile App Review

When you make the decision to download Sonic Dash you are also making the decision to have an absolute blast with a newer version of the old Sonic game we have all grown to love. The game is made with 3D graphics so when you dash along to new levels, you can experience it with only the best graphics on the market. When you play Sonic Dash you will be able to take all your stress away while you dash and crash into everything in sight!

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Mobile App Review for Sonic Dash

After you download Sonic Dash you will be thrown into the world of Sonic where you will dash to new levels while collecting coins and defeating the biggest rival of them all, Doctor Eggman. In the game, you can find amazing rewards like booster and red star rings. Connect to Facebook in order to challenge your friends and family to take your top spot on the leader boards. With the help of powerups, you can speed up your character and collect rings faster and dash towards your enemies even harder to knock them off of your road to success. Keep in mind that Doctor Eggman isn’t your only enemy in your quest and you will have to battle other bosses including Zazz from Sonic’s Lost World.


  • Powerups to help you collect coins and dash quicker across the screen to your destination.
  • Connect to Facebook to challenge your friends and share your high scores with everyone.
  • Choose to play as the master himself or friends such as Tails and Knuckles!
  • Offline mode is availble for the days when Wi-Fi is not available to you.


  • Choose from multiple players to use as your main character.
  • A variety of amazing abilities to help you progress in the game faster.
  • Excellent gameplay graphics.


  • Disable advertising when you make an in-app purchase.
  • Game is fueled by apps which means they will also pop up at the most inconvenient times.

If you loved the old school ways of the world’s most famous hedgehog, you’ll love to play Sonic Dash. While collecting coins is your main goal, you are also able to go face to face with two of the biggest bosses, Doctor Eggman and Zazz. The more you progress in the game, the more powers and boosters you will start receiving. If you enjoy sharing your gaming progress with others on social media, you can connect this app to Facebook where you can share your high scores and compete against your family and friends on the leader boards.


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