Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom Mobile App Review

Sonic Dash 2 keeps the Sonic legend alive by bringing you this new style game for your device. Collect coins, destroy enemies, and make it as far as you can on the course without tripping up.

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Mobile App Review for Sonic Dash 2

If you have ever played Sonic before you will know the ropes almost immediately after you download Sonic Dash. With a short introductory mode, you are taught how to play the game which uses simple controls; swipe up to jump, swipe down to roll, and swipe from side to side to switch between lanes. There is even a cool feature where your character is put up into the air and you have to tilt the phone to the left or the right to gather the goods.

By making it farther and farther in the game you can also claim prizes, unlock more characters and events, and increase your global score multiplier. This is a must-have game for all of you Sega lovers. Keep your character running by avoiding rocks, trees, and spikes. By gliding over rails, changing lanes effectively, and sliding into the right positions for maximum point gains you will easily become addicted to this game that is a spin on a concept you were already very familiar with.


  • Arcade-style play
  • Collect rings and destroy enemies
  • Watch out for barriers because they can knock your character out
  • Unlock new characters and game modes

Sonic Dash 2 has the same objective as always; use your dexterity to take care of the enemies, collect rings and avoid barriers.


  • Blast from the past
  • Fast gameplay
  • Cool graphics

The great graphics in this game make it enjoyable to play during downtime. Your coordination is tested as the difficulty level changes as time goes on.


  • Problems with game freezing
  • Different from the old games
  • Slightly redundant

This app is definitely different from the original Sonic games. With a view from behind rather than from the side, this might not be quite what you expected out of a classic game.

Download Sonic Dash to Your Device for a Classic Game

Downloading this game is a no brainer if you are in love with the old Sega games from the past. Great for almost all ages, you will have fun discovering a new spin on the classic. Whether you are playing with Tails, Knuckles or any other character of choice you are going to enjoy changing lanes and racking up the points. Download Sonic Dash 2 and share with friends the fact that developers are still making this game after all these years.


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