Smash Hit Mobile App Review

The Smash Hit app takes you into a whole new world that plays the best music well you smash everything around you to get to the next level. When you play Smash Hit you will have to smash through targets and obstacles in order to move higher up the chain and make your way to more difficult obstacles that will keep you on your toes while having the time of your life.

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Mobile App Review for Smash Hit

In the Smash Hit app, you will be able to take out all your stress while you smash through a variety of obstacles in an oddly beautiful new dimension. There are over 50 rooms to play that have up to 11 different graphic styles in every stage of the game. When you download Smash Hit it is free of cost and fun for all ages. Although the game is free, you also have the option to purchase the premium version where you can play Smash Hit with different difficulty levels and the use of cloud save.

Also with premium, you will be provided with multi-player mode so you can share the fun with your friends and family. Always remember that when you download Smash Hit and start to play, you will need to give the app your undivided attention as you make your way through difficult obstacles while smashing into every target that shows up on your screen. The game may require some patience, but it is certainly a fun-packed game for the whole family.


  • Multiplayer option available when you upgrade to the premium version.
  • Excellent graphics and backgrounds.
  • Over 50 rooms to play and 11 different graphic styles to choose from.


  • Free to play and premium version available with an in-app purchase.
  • Play without Wi-Fi and save your progress.
  • Musically synchronized gameplay.


  • No connecting to social media to share progress or receive points and lives.
  • Apps will continue to pop up until an in-app purchase is completed.

If you enjoy obstacles, smashing things, and listening to music, Smash Hit will surely keep you occupied for hours on end. The game is great to play for all ages and the brief tutorial at the beginning helps you get started. It’s fun to play and you can even play Smash Hit without Wi-Fi. You won’t get bored playing anytime soon, especially since there are over 50 rooms to play from. The game’s graphics are top of the line so you will always be waiting for what lies ahead of you.


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