Slices Mobile App Review

Slices is an app that is full of color and sound as you try to complete a variety of puzzles. As you play Slices, each level increases in the level of difficulty until you think that you're unable to solve the puzzles that are given.






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One fun feature when you download Slices is the bold design of the puzzles that you need to solve. From neon yellow to purple and pink, each puzzle is vibrant, making the slices a bit more appealing. When you play Slices, you’ll see that the puzzles are pieces of fruit. There are lemons, oranges, and other fruits that are usually in the shape of a circle.

Also, as you advance in the Slices app, you’ll see that there is one piece of the puzzle missing or even a few pieces missing. These pieces that are missing are scattered about and almost look like paint splatter on the screen. You’re tasked with trying to figure out how the details go together once you download Slices. The game takes on a fast-pace as you begin solving more puzzles. You’ll see your score at the top of the screen. However, the fun part is trying to beat your score as you play each level again and again. Some puzzles have several large pieces and a smaller piece that you need to match with the correct detail instead of trying to determine how the smaller piece fits.


  • Fun colors and sound effects
  • Multiple levels to play
  • Challenging levels that only get more advanced as you get through


  • Fun game to play
  • Easy to pick up on details
  • Way to challenge your mind if you like puzzles


  • Can be repetitive
  • Updates can sometimes interfere with past levels
  • Difficult to save the game if you don’t pass a level


Puzzles that you try to solve while playing Slices begin in a simple manner, however, they become very challenging within a few levels. The bright colors make the game attractive, and the sound effects make you feel like you’re playing a 1980s arcade game. There is also a lot of character to the game along with ways that you can try to beat your own score. You’ll be able to see the pieces that are coming up in the puzzle as a way to help you solve the levels. However, it’s fun to try to solve them without looking at these pieces. Most levels go by in a flash, which means that you need to stay on your toes in order to complete the game if you want to win.


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