Red Ball 4 Mobile App Review

Red Ball 4 is a platform game where the objective is to direct your red ball through the game avoiding evil squares, and manipulating wood boxes, boulders and other objects to make it through to the next level.

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Mobile App Review for Red Ball 4

After you download Red Ball 4 you will get familiar with the game really quickly if you have played any other platform-type game, which is more than likely. The controls of the game are simple. On the bottom left of the screen are right and left arrows to move the ball to each side. On the bottom right of the screen is the jump button, which allows the ball to jump up into the air when the time is right.

As you make it through each level collecting stars, avoiding water, jumping on evil boxes and navigating through platforms that run on gears, etc. you will encounter harder enemies and more complex jumping situations that are required to arrive at the end of each level. Download the app and find out what the Red Ball craze is all about. It’s obviously a pretty fun game considering the fact that this is the fourth version made. Kudos to FDG Mobile Games for making a platform game that people want to get their hands on. The ad-free version is available for $1.99 in the app store.


  • Arcade-style platform game
  • Manipulate ball to the end of each level


  • Many different levels
  • Completing each level is a puzzle

The cognitive level of thinking to make it through each level of Red Ball is considerably higher than other games. There are virtually endless levels to complete, so when you start to play this game you will be busy for quite a while completing all of them.


  • Ad-supported
  • Similar to many other games

Ads are annoying but common in almost every game or app that you download, so be ready to sit through lots of off-topic promotions. When you reach ‘game over’ you will have to watch a video before you start playing again. Red Ball 4 is lamentably very similar to almost any other platform game that has ever been made.

Kill Some Time Playing Red Ball

Download Red Ball 4 if you want to kill some serious time, and also entertain yourself. This is a great game for all ages, however, younger gamers will get stuck on the more difficult levels. Is Red Ball a recommended download? Absolutely. Be patient with the ads, and have fun navigating through the different levels that include ‘green hills’, ‘deep forest’, ‘box factory’, ‘battle for the moon’ and ‘into the caves’.


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