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Games that jog your brain and make you use a bit of strategy are always some of the most intriguing games to find for your Apple or Android device. 2 is a simple game that gives you the simple task of filling in an entire map with a single color, using nothing but strategy and a continually moving block. 2





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Keep Your Wits About You

This game doesn’t require a lot of thought or skill, but there’s still strategy involved. To fill in the map and complete the task, you’ll have to guide your block back toward a solid section of your given color to fill in the empty space. Because your block is continually moving, you have to make sure not to cross over your trail. You also don’t want someone else to do the same before you can complete a section. However, if you’re lucky enough to catch someone else before they can reach their home color, then that opponent and any area of the map they controlled will be removed completely. 2 is simple enough for any member of the family to play. You won’t have to worry about strangers trying to contact your kids either. This is because there are no official multiplayer modes or communication systems in the game. Download 2 to enjoy a soothing mobile gaming experience designed to relax your mind. 2 Features

  • Simple Gameplay – Simply press your finger to the screen or use a stylus to guide your square in any direction. This makes for an excellent game for families with children who enjoy playing on the mobile platform.
  • Clean Interface – There aren’t many bells and whistles that come along with the inner-workings of the game. It involves no buttons other than the play icon and customizable settings options.
  • Customization – As you progress through the game you will earn new skins that change the appearance of the colored block and the pattern or color that you use during gameplay.

App Pros

  • Color Options – Although there isn’t much to look at as far as graphics are concerned, the patterns and colors used in the game are redeeming enough to make you want to complete more challenges to unlock all of the customization options.
  • Family-Friendly – There aren’t many mobile games where you feel comfortable letting your kids play without supervision. There are no chat features or multiplayer modes. Because of this, there are no worries about predators contacting your children while they play the game.
  • Closeable Ads – You can close ads easily with a provided X or by choosing the back button on your device.

App Cons

  • Ads – Though you have the ability to close them quickly, you will encounter several ads during one session of gameplay.
  • No Audio – The game provides no audio to keep you entertained.

This is an excellent game if you’re looking for a relaxed challenge. The overall gameplay can be addicting and every time an opponent defeats you in only makes you want to see how much farther you can get on the map before you have to start over again. Download 2 and start on your colorful journey to put your patience to the test and attempt to complete an entire map.


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