Hole.io Mobile App Review

The hole.io game provides an escape from daily life by presenting a world that quickly grabs any player’s attention. Within minutes or even seconds you become obsessed with beating others and becoming the largest hole in the city. The unique leaderboard makes this game extremely fun and competitive.






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Hole.io Game – An In-Depth Review

Players start each game as a base size and are hardly able to absorb anything. However, as the game progresses, the hole becomes bigger and you are only really limited by the time limit of the game. The hole.io game allows users to choose between several different settings. You can play alone or invite friends to make things more interesting.

Hole.io serves as a great introduction for those new to the -io games from Voodoo. It shows just how addicting these games can become and the world is very well designed. Whether you are sucking up to people, cars or entire buildings, the entertainment lasts for hours. This game is perfect for playing while waiting in public or even just sitting on the couch. Anyone can find something to love about the cute world and the competition based strategizing involved in winning.


  • Easy to use interface which lets players start their first game within seconds of downloading it.
  • Time limits and leaderboards give the game a competitive feeling which makes the player strategize to win.
  • Users may play alone or invite friends to their games.
  • Dozens of different objects to absorb as the game progresses and the hole becomes larger.
  • Countless color options to choose for the hole’s border.


  • The game is free to play on the App Store.
  • The game is very simple and can also be enjoyed by people of all ages.
  • It is easy to escape the real world for a while because this game is good at grabbing full attention.
  • Options to play with friends and fight others for the leaderboard positions makes the game consistently interesting.
  • Simple design allows gameplay without taking up much battery or storage.


  • Other .io games might be more interesting to certain types of players, however.
  • iOS limits the game and there are only so many features.
  • Limited number of game modes.

You should download hole.io or at least consider it if you are someone who likes to distract themselves when they are waiting on something in public. It is excellent at taking you out of the real world for a moment and making things more interesting in the short term. The game is also great for play in private when you just want some light entertainment at home. When you download hole.io you get access to numerous features that make it a quality game for potentially hours of enjoyment. Join the millions of players already enjoying this great game.


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