Granny: Chapter Two Mobile App Review

The wildly popular granny app game is back with a surprising twist. Granny Chapter Two features better graphics, an entirely new house, and more secrets to uncover. This game will give you goosebumps and keep you hooked into playing it until you find out Granny's mysteries.

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You wake up inside of an unfamiliar small room, realizing that you are trapped in someone else’s house. Your main objective is to escape and you only have five days to do so. While exploring the house, you will meet Granny, Grandpa and other protagonists that are trying to keep you from leaving. Every time an enemy kills you, you start back from your original room and a day passes. The Granny game horror doesn’t stop there; you have only five days to figure out how to escape the house until it is game over. To escape, you must exit through the front door, but there are clues you must uncover and items that you need to find before leaving. You must find these items, and avoid granny and the others along the way.

While playing, you venture through the house looking for clues to help you escape. There are keys you have to find throughout the rooms that you can use to unlock new areas. If you encounter an enemy while exploring, you can choose to hide inside of a nearby wardrobe or underneath a bed if you are not seen. Be careful when walking, your steps make noise that alerts Granny if she is nearby. You can remove this feature when using easy mode. When you find a secret and select it, the game saves it after you die, as long as it’s within five days.

Items are hidden in random spots throughout the house that you can use to your advantage. For example, a stun gun can be found and used to disable your enemies for one minute. If you cannot escape the house within five days, you’ll see an eerie cutscene, and the game is over.


This Granny app features very easy to use on-screen controls. You move your character around using the left side of your screen while clicking and dragging anywhere will move your camera. There’s a settings button at the top left to access the pause menu at any time during gameplay. An option to select items will pop up on your screen when you are near them.


  • Venture through an old house, finding items and secrets.
  • Evade Granny to survive.
  • Use weapons to disable your enemies.


  • Features an all-new ‘darker mode.’
  • Different difficulties to adjust your gameplay experience.
  • Improved graphics from the prequel game.
  • Features multiple end cutscenes.


  • Only one level available to play.
  • No tutorial or in-game objectives.

This game combines strategy and horror in an incredible way. For a free-to-play mobile game, it’s intriguing and keeps you wanting to play over and over until you finish it. If you’re looking for something to keep you hooked, while sending chills down your spine, the Granny game horror app is for you. Download Granny Chapter Two right now and see if you have what it takes to escape.


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