Glow Hockey Mobile App Review

The Glow Hockey app is an excellent app for all ages that love to play the game of hockey. With the colorful glowing graphics, you will easily find yourself caught up in hours of fun playing against computer opponents or friends on other devices. To make things interesting, you can choose levels easy to insane to truly test your hockey and gaming skills.

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Natenai Ariyatrakool

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Mobile App Review for Glow Hockey

When you download Glow Hockey you will be able to play a variety of levels that are easy to insane while trying to make as many goals as you possibly can. There are three different themes for you to choose from. The Glow Hockey app also has four selectable pucks and paddles. If you find yourself growing bored of playing computer opponents, switch it up to two-player mode. Here you can play with your friends and family to see who has the best Glow Hockey skills.

You will notice when you download Glow Hockey that the game runs very smoothly and the moves of the puck are very realistic which makes for great gameplay. Every time you score a goal on the screen your device will vibrate to let you know you scored one more point against your opponent. In order to play Glow Hockey all you need is patience and little hockey skills to go a long way.


  • 2 player options are available as well as computer opponents.
  • The game vibrates every time a goal is made.
  • Quickplay mode where you can choose up to four different difficulty levels to challenge yourself with.


  • Smooth playing and realistic graphics to make it exciting and fast-paced.
  • Choose between four different paddles and pucks in the game.
  • 3 different themes to choose from so you can change up your background.


  • It does not support all android devices.
  • You can’t connect to social media in order to share high scores.
  • No in-app purchases for boosters or points.

Glow Hockey is a fun app for all ages that allows you to either play in single mode against computer components or in the two-player mode so you can play with friends and family. The realistic graphics in the game is what makes it so interesting to play as it is just as fast-paced as if you were on the ice rink yourself trying to shoot a goal. For every goal, you make your device will vibrate so you are aware of every time a goal is made by you or your opponent. Definitely an excellent game to help pass time on the weekends or during your lunch break.


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