Geometry Dash SubZero Mobile App Review

Check out this Geometry Dash Subzero game. It's a simple yet effective rhythm game. This game lets you play with the simple tap of your finger so that you can enjoy techno music while playing a challenging platformer. Geometry Dash Subzero brings platforming and rhythm together for a fun experience.

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Description of the Game

Being another part of the acclaimed Geometry Dash series, it keeps things simple for players. You play as a cube that slides across the ground. You will come across a variety of obstacles trying to stop your square. If you touch them, you have to restart the level. You tap the screen to make your square jump and avoid these obstacles. It sounds simple, but it’s very challenging. You’ll find complex jumps and beats even in the first level. The higher the level’s star rating, the harder the difficulty. Some songs will feature other elements such as going upside down or flying a spaceship.

Each of the jumps you perform will be to the beat of the song, making it easier for you to play if you’re listening to it. You can also use headphones as you play to avoid latency issues. To add further to this, you can download Geometry Dash Subzero since there’s a free version of the game. If you download Geometry Dash Subzero and enjoy it, you can pay $1.99 to remove all the ads, gain achievements, access the level editor and play levels that other players have made.


  • Multiple characters to unlock.
  • A level editor in order to make your own cool levels.
  • Plenty of cool effects and music.
  • Play levels that other players have made.
  • Multiple achievements to give yourself more challenges.


  • Simple gameplay that anyone can understand.
  • Excellent music.
  • You can play a five-minute session or for multiple hours.
  • The level editor as well as playing created levels prevent the game from getting stale.
  • Available on Android as well as iOS.
  • A low price tag for the full game.


  • Very simple graphics.
  • Ads in the free version.
  • Difficulty can be frustrating for some people.

Download the Game

This particular Geometry Dash Subzero game will provide you with plenty of fun and virtually endless content. With the free version, you should at least try out the game since you won’t lose anything. When you enjoy it, you can buy it for the low price of $1.99. When you consider the hours of fun you’ll get from this game, you’ll get your money’s worth out of it. Hop onto your app store and download Geometry Dash Subzero so you can join in on the fun, excellent music, and addictive gameplay.


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