Geometry Dash Meltdown Mobile App Review

The Geometry Dash Meltdown app offers you a spooky new way to do math in the presence of many monsters. To help ease your way into the game be sure to switch it over to practice mode before you start heading full force through all the obstacles and math problems thrown at you when you play Geometry Dash.

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Mobile App Review for Geometry Dash Meltdown

When you download Geometry Dash Meltdown you are thrown into a world of ghouls and monsters. These creatures are awaiting you to solve Geometry problems and sharpen your skills. The app will give you the chance to fly through obstacles and encounter many types of monsters along the way. The game consists of three different levels, and it also plays different songs from the band F-777 in each level!

This game will allow you to challenge yourself with your math skills while having fun flying rockets, flipping gravity, and running from ghouls. The game is great for all ages and will give children a chance to brush up on their math skills during the summer when learning is over until the fall. In order to get the free app, simply click install to start playing. There are also no in-app purchases available to your child if you have one. Another plus is that there are no ads popping up to interrupt your child from learning and solving fun and interesting geometry problems.


  • Meltdown icons and colors for you to unlock and customize your character.
  • Practice mode available to help you brush up your geometry skills before jumping into the game.
  • Fly rockets and flip gravity while solving math problems with ghouls and monsters.


  • Free to play with no in-app purchase options for your children to buy.
  • Rhythm-based action platforming to make the game exciting and interesting to play.
  • Fun for all ages!


  • No multi-player option available.
  • No connecting social media to share high scores.
  • Only three levels to complete.

If you are looking for a spooky and fun way to brush up on your geometry skills, this app will help you do exactly that! Solve math problems while flying rockets and altering gravity while all the monsters and ghouls chase after you. The game is free to download and offers you the chance to stay in tune with your problem-solving skills and schooling during vacations or long holiday weekends. While the game is fun for all ages, it is especially beneficial to grade school children looking to brush up on some math and have a little fun in the meantime.


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