Fruit Ninja Mobile App Review

The Fruit Ninja family of games is a very popular mobile app series with modern graphics and a unique premise. Designed by Halfbrick as a modern-day version of games like Tetris, Fruit Ninja combines the physical activity of touchscreen gestures with the need to pay close attention.

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Fruit Ninja: Slicing Through The Competition For Mobile Gaming Apps

The game uses physical gestures to simulate slicing and dicing through fruits like watermelons, apples, and kiwis in the pursuit of higher scores. This app also contains an international leaderboard and several forms of competition, providing a friendly battleground for bragging rights on every major mobile device.

Although this app has a paid version, it’s free to download Fruit Ninja.

Gameplay Features

  • Multiplay Gameplay Levels & Difficulty Modes
  • Compete Against Other Players With The Online Leaderboard
  • Unlock New Features With Higher Scores
  • Purchase Additional Fruit-Slicing Tools & Backgrounds


  • The cutting-edge graphics make this game a visual treat to play over and over. These graphics work especially well on newer smartphones and tablets, but they show up well on older models too.
  • There are multiple gameplay modes to provide adequate variation in the game.
  • This game has an exciting structure. It’s easy to unlock new features by passing through the levels step-by-step.
  • The app is family-friendly with a well-designed user interface. It’s appropriate for users of all types and ages.
  • Even though the full functionality of the game is only available in the paid version, the free version has plenty of gameplay and flexibility.
  • Touchscreen gestures make the game particularly easy to play. There’s no need for lots of typing on the keyboard like there is in some other mobile games. I treat this game as an enjoyable way to improve my hand-eye coordination while using my mobile phone.
  • Objectives are clear and simple. There is no need to sit there and deal with confusing plotlines or storylines.
  • Fortunately, it’s free to download Fruit Ninja.


  • Some users have complained that a few of the sub-games include in the app have had some issues with touchscreen motion gestures. I haven’t experienced this myself, but this may make a few people hesitant to buy the app. With this said, the team behind the software does have a good reputation for fixing bugs as they arise, so I expect this to be taken care of in future releases if it is, in fact, an issue.
  • The free version of the app has limited functionality.
  • At times, this game can feel a bit monotonous. There isn’t that much variety, and some users may get bored. On the other hand, other types of people may appreciate that the levels in this app have a very consistent structure.
  • The game has great graphics, but this application can slow down some of the older iPhones and mobile devices. Like other graphics-intensive games, this game tends to use a lot of RAM. Those with newer devices should not have a problem, though. I have not experienced any lag or delay on my Samsung Galaxy Note phone.

Overall Thoughts & Rating

I think there are some pretty good reasons that this game is so popular. With a colorful set of engaging graphics, this app is pleasing to the eye and entertaining to boot. Plus, there’s zero cost to download Fruit Ninja for either iOS or Android, so it’s definitely worth a look.


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