Flying Arrow Mobile App Review

Addicting. This single-word sums up the experience of the app game Flying Arrow. But don’t worry. This addictive game won’t leave you feeling empty inside. Nor will it cause your family to do an intervention on you. However, without caution, you may find all of your downtime consumed with the attainment of higher scores and archery prowess unlocked by a download of Flying Arrow.

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The Flying Arrow App is for You

Shoot your arrow while simultaneously dodging obstacles in the arrow’s flight trajectory. Anticipating hitting spot-on a distant target, you cannot help but get consumed with gameplay. Are you still skeptical? Download Flying Arrow for yourself and test it.

Features of the App

1. Updated regularly, the newest feature has a paid option. This paid option eliminates items that are viewed by users as distractions or annoying.
2. A Variety of scenes. Beautifully crafted scenes act as scenarios to navigate your arrow through. The scenes directly adjust for higher skill levels.
3. Available on the Google play store or the Apple IOS store. This makes the app available across multiple devices. No matter what you are using for online access (tablet, cell phone, etc.) this application will work.

The Pros and Cons of the Flying Arrow App

The pros of this application are the following.
  • Paid Plan equals NO ADVERTISEMENTS – For a small price of $2.99 you can enjoy your free time on this game with no additional distractions.
  • FREE version – A completely free version is also available.
To be frank, there are relatively few cons to this gaming app. The ones that seem to stand out, however, are below.
  • Advertisements affect the quality of gameplay – This HUGE CON can be eliminated with a paid (2.99) purchase of the app
  • Fun at First, Harder with time – Some have complained about the level of skill required to succeed at higher levels of the game.
  • Some Lag Time noted – This con seems to be addressed with the newest software update.
  • Conceptually Sound and FUN – The ability to gather different arrows, and the capacity to advance through different sceneries or levels makes the concept of this game interesting and fun.

The Flying Arrow app boasts an “everyone” rating for its intended user age. Most would agree, however, for a newer user the game starts off slow and simple. The scenery is also simple yet beautiful, allowing for lower-level skillsets to enjoy. At higher levels, the scenery changes and more skill is necessary to find success. For example, at higher levels, scenes of mountain ranges to traverse or narrow passages complicated with trees and rocks to avoid takes more ability. With practice, this sets up a play that all ages can navigate through.

Still on the fence? There is only one thing to do. Try the free version for yourself today!


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