Dune! Mobile App Review

Dune! is a highly addictive game for your mobile device that involves a ball jumping and diving across the sand dunes to accumulate stars and points. The longer you keep the ball alive, the faster it will travel, and the harder the game gets.






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Mobile App Review for Dune!

The controls for the game are very simple. Push down on the touchscreen when the ball is on the surface of the dunes to accelerate; when the ball lifts off of the ground, you then lift your thumb off of the touchscreen and the ball flies up into the air. To make the ball dive into the curves prematurely you can press on the touchscreen again. You lose when the ball crashes to the ground in a spot that is against the grain and stops, which can happen in a short span of about 5 seconds on some go-rounds. With a very ambient vibe and satisfying physics style objective, download Dune and you will find out why it is so addicting. Voodoo did an excellent job of making a simple and fun game that really doesn’t get boring with the Dune app.


  • Ball rolling over the sand dunes
  • Keep the ball rolling for the most time possible
  • Accumulate points to make a high score

Because the controls are very simple and easy to understand, you will not want to put the phone down when you play Dune. The objective is simple; keep the ball rolling for as long as possible, and launch it as high up as you can in the air to gain the most points.


  • Cool graphics and tones
  • Simple but difficult to gain a high score

It’s a pleasure to play, and includes great graphics that change when you launch the ball higher into the air. The sounds that the game has aren’t bothersome and there is all around a cool vibe when you play Dune.


  • Too many advertisements
  • Problems with the game freezing

Although the advertisements aren’t completely unbearable when you play Dune, it would definitely be cooler without having to wait for 15 seconds or so between rounds. The game also freezes relatively frequently making it necessary to quit the app and start over again.

Challenging, Fun and Simple

Download Dune to discover another fun and simple game that you can play in your free time. Despite the advertisements and a few glitches, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have the Dune app on your device. There is something truly satisfying about keeping the ball rolling.


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