Domino Smash Mobile App Review

Think back to when you were younger, setting up the dominoes and watching them fall. The electronic version is here and available for you, The Smash app gives you the satisfaction of knocking things over, and at the same time seeing the ultimate beauty left in the wake of falling tiles.

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Domino Smash and Designs

You must admit that when a game is too easy, you do not want to play it. Domino Smash is not that type of game. Of course, it starts out with easy levels, as you move along the levels get harder and designs larger. If you have the ability to aim the ball, and if you remember to pull your finger back instead of moving forward as your mind is telling you, it will provide hours of fun and challenging puzzles. Oh yeah, make sure that you watch for those crystals and collect them. They will be found and gathered as you knock the dominoes down.

This game app is very relaxing to play. All ages young to more experienced in age will enjoy it. All you need is a good aim, with that aim you will watch the tiles topple over and turn into a picture that makes you smile. Domino Smash truly is realistic to actual dominoes falling down. You can play this game online or offline. The graphics are very nice, beautiful.

The Features

This game will provide plenty of relaxation and challenges, and you can also kill time with it. There is really more to it than that. There are some great features included:

  • Easy in order to shoot the ball
  • Colorful graphics and beautiful designs when they all fall down
  • Brings happiness and smiles
  • Progressive levels of difficulty
  • Crystals to collect

When you reach the levels where the shots are not so easy, that is when you realize you may have to put some scientific knowledge to the test. Take your best shot and download the Domino Smash app. Remember the eyes may deceive you, it is not always as easy as it appears. Bring your childhood days back, enjoy knocking toys over, Mom will not yell at you for this one, I promise.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy in order to play
  • Easy to understand
  • A relaxing game
  • Becomes more challenging the further you go


  • The patterns are repetitive
  • May be too easy for some
  • Ads tend to pop up as you shoot, making you miss

The patterns are repetitive
Ads pop up in the middle of a shot

Do you think you have what it takes to pass all the levels? Do you have an aim that is straight and true? Then download Domino Smash and give it your best shot. This game has it all, the ease of use, the challenge, great colors and difficulty the further you manage to go. The dominoes look as realistic as when you played with actual dominoes and used a toy of some sort to knock the dominoes down. Do it again, I dare you!


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