Crowd City Mobile App Review

The Crowd City app is a fast-paced game that allows you to become the largest group on the street while taking over the computer opponents players. In the game, you will be given the opportunity to unlock a variety of different colored skins that even include wolves, snakes, and Santa Clause! When you play Crowd City, you will forget about everything around you and start preparing to take over an entire city.

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Mobile App Review for Crowd City
When you download Crowd City you will be facing a variety of other computer opponents looking to become the largest group in the city. It is your job to avoid larger groups than yours as they can take over your team with ease. As soon as your group number is higher than others, you can chase them down and take over every player. For every player you take over on another opponent’s team, they will be added to your group and cause you to be the largest team running across the city. The crowd city app gives you goals to accomplish and for every goal you complete, you unlock a new skin. The goal when you download Crowd City is to become the largest team on the streets and collect all the skins you possibly can. Remember, when you play crowd city you must always stay on the side streets and collect players until your team is largest enough to take on other groups that are large in size.


  • Easy to play and fun for all ages.
  • Multiple skins to unlock as you progress in the game.
  • Fun goals to complete to help you unlock your favorite skins.


  • Fast-paced game played against a number of computer opponents.
  • Fun skins to unlock such as wolves, snakes, and elves!
  • Chase after groups to take over their team and add players to yours.


  • No in-app purchases available.
  • No new levels, only skins can be unlocked.
  • Only one game setting in the same city.

Why You Need to Download Crowd City Today!

If you enjoy fast-paced games that involve you taking over other players then you will love Crowd City. Not only can you take over the teams of your opponents, but you can also unlock a variety of different skins to play with while your busy taking over the city. Every time you close out of the app your progress will save instantly so you do not have to worry about losing the skins you have unlocked. Crowd City is a blast to play and easy for all ages to jump into and start taking over. It is completely free to download and can be played when the internet is not available to you.


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