Crazy Kick! Mobile App Review

Crazy Kick! is a game for your mobile device where the objective is to use your finger on the touchscreen to slide a soccer ball into the goal while avoiding objects and defensive players on the way.

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Mobile App Review for Crazy Kick!

With a 3D layout, the game starts with you facing the goal with a soccer ball in front of you. To dribble the ball you must place your finger on the touch screen where the ball is and move it around by sliding your finger. To make a goal attempt you must flick your finger in the direction of the goal to try and get the ball past the goalie. When you score a goal you make it to the next level which brings new difficulties like more defensive players and natural objects to manipulate around.

As long as the ball stays in play you have a chance to score, but if one of the defensive players or the goalie kicks the ball out of bounds you have failed the attempt and must start over. A fun game for soccer players and gamers of all ages. When you download Crazy Kick get ready for an intense battle between you and the stick figure type players that are trying to stop you from scoring.


  • 3D soccer goal game
  • Score the ball in order to reach the next level
  • Collect coins, win gifts and unlock different balls

Not what you would expect from a traditional style soccer game app. When you play Crazy Kick you are working hard to avoid the defensive players while keeping the ball in play and collecting coins all at the same time.


  • Different take on soccer game app
  • 3D graphics
  • Some ads are mini-games

This game is very unique and uses cool 3D graphics to keep you entertained. Despite the fact that there are advertisements in the free version, some of them are mini-games themselves, so not all is lost.


  • Too many ads in free version
  • No two-player or multiplayer mode

The free version has an insane amount of ads just like most free versions of applications. Be ready to put down the phone for a minute or two and let the ads play out. This game is also strictly one player with no possibility of adding a friend for two-player.

Play Crazy Kick! and Boot Your Soccer Crave

Download Crazy Kick to play a soccer app that is different from other soccer apps. Be careful when letting young kids play the free version because some of the game advertisements involve shooter games. This is a fun game so download the app and kick your heart out!


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