Cooking Fever Mobile App Review

The Cooking Fever app is completely free to download and highly addictive to play! With 27 different restaurant locations, you will never get bored with the options of seafood, Chinese, and BBQ restaurants to run. You will be easily able to practice your cooking skills with different game settings and techniques for you to choose from when you download Cooking Fever for your device.

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Mobile App Review for Cooking Fever

By choosing to download the Cooking Fever app you will enter into the world of cooking where you will prepare meals for all your favorite guests. In your restaurant, you will have the opportunity to run all of your kitchen appliances including coffee makers, ovens, popcorn makers, and rice cookers! There are over 1300 dishes for you to create and it is up to you to use all the correct techniques and appliances to create the correct dishes for your guests. There are 1400 levels for you to complete which means hours of fun. Also, brush up on your cooking skills so you can become the best chef in the Cooking Fever app.

Once you start getting the hang of things in the kitchen you can start sharing your progress on social media. There you can seek out help from friends and family on social media to help you complete meal orders quickly with all the right ingredients. Keep in mind that once you start receiving gifts, return the favor and help your friends become top chefs too.


  • Over 1,300 dishes for you to cook up and serve to guests.
  • Hundreds of upgrades for your kitchen and restaurant interior.
  • 27 restaurant locations to choose from.


  • Fun to play for all ages with easy levels as well as techniques.
  • Upgrades are just like real-life restaurant upgrades.
  • Free to download with in-app purchases available.


  • Ads will not stop until in-app purchases.
  • It can only be played when the internet is available.

If you love cooking and enjoy watching your restaurant grow, Cooking Fever is made just for you. In the app, you are given the opportunity to upgrade your restaurant, use all appliances, and create the best dishes for your customers to try. There are just over 1,300 dishes available in the app, so you will never run out of ideas for recipes. This app is great for all ages and offers a tutorial at the beginning to help you learn your way through the kitchen while learning new techniques and appliances to use in order to complete all orders to the customer’s satisfaction. The only warning to this game is that it is highly addictive and fun to play!


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