Cooking Craze Mobile App Review

The Cooking Craze app is a new fun-filled app that gives you the chance to become the tops chef with all the best recipes. You will find yourself overly occupied with this game while rushing around the kitchen to cook pizzas, grill burgers, and create some of the finest dishes your customers will ever have. The game is fun for all ages and offers a tutorial for all new players that have just taken the time to download Cooking Craze.

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Mobile App Review for Cooking Craze

When you download Cooking Craze you will be entering the world of cooking and top of the line chefs looking to create the best dishes to all their favorite customers. In the game, you will cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner for your customers while receiving tips for fast and delicious orders. As you start progressing in the Cooking Craze app you can start making upgrades to your kitchen and cook more difficult recipes to receive larger tips from customers.

With over 100 ingredients to choose from, you’ll never find yourself bored once you download Cooking Craze. Share your progress with your friends and family by connecting Cooking Craze to your social media page. Then, watch as people are in awe at your new delicious creations. The app is free to download and will provide fun for all ages in the family. Remember, the more shifts you take, the more money you will have to expand your restaurant to fit more customers.


  • Over 100 ingredients to use when cooking new delicious recipes.
  • Cook green and provide organic meals to your customers.
  • Make your meals with burn-proof pans to receive extra tips with perfectly made dishes.


  • Over 400 levels to master on 3 different continents.
  • Win medals by cooking meals fast.
  • Work on extra shifts to earn money for upgrades.


  • Ads will continue to pop up until an in-app purchase is made.
  • You have to pay for some boosters in order to complete certain levels.

Why Should You Download The New Cooking Craze App?

If you love cooking and enjoy fast-paced games, then this is the right app for you. It is free to download and offers new players a tutorial at the beginning of the game to start out. With over 400 levels that take place around the world, there is no possible way you could ever get bored while playing this game. In order to progress in the game, all you have to do is prepare meals quickly and take on extra shifts. This will help you earn extra money to make upgrades to your kitchen. The upgrades you make will allow you to cook more dishes and create new recipes that all your customers will love!


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