Bricks Ball Crusher Mobile App Review

Bricks Ball Crusher is a classic game that challenges your brain to think fast and navigate new environments. It’s a simple game, but an addicting one. It’s a free game and a smooth one. The goal of the game is to break as many bricks as possible to get to the next level. The brick patterns and balls change often, so you have to come up with new plans to pass each level and ultimately beat the game.

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Full Description of the App

You may have played a similar game on PC or gaming systems, but the mobile app gives you more control over the game and allows you to play it anywhere. Just use your finger to control your ball as it moves around the screen busting bricks. The more bricks you shatter, the more points you get. You must break a certain amount of bricks to pass to the next level.

The bricks are all worth different points. The bricks worth the most points are in the more problematic locations and take a while to get to. As you play bricks ball crusher and progress through the game, the brick patterns and colors change, and the levels also become more difficult. You do get bonuses such as extra balls, faster, and slower balls that can help you move through the difficult levels more efficiently. There are also fun surprises to unlock at each level.

App Features

This app is a lot of fun, and there are plenty of features to enjoy. While the gameplay is simple, there are many features that make the game more complex than it appears. Some of the most popular features include,

  • Easy controls
  • Over 1000 levels
  • Different brick as well as ball combinations
  • No WiFi needed
  • Option for subscriptions
  • Free play
  • Bonus rounds

Pros and Cons of the App

While this game has been extremely popular for some time now, there are still both pros and cons to it. Understanding these will help you decide if you should download Bricks Ball Crusher to your mobile device or phone.


  • Play for free
  • Play online or offline
  • Levels progress quickly
  • Fun music and graphics
  • Fun in-app bonuses


  • Some levels are very challenging
  • Bonuses and upgrades don’t always come when you need them

Why Download Bricks Ball Crusher?

If you enjoy classic arcade-style games with easy controls, then you will be to play Bricks Ball Crusher on your mobile device. There’s always something new to anticipate, and each level is packed with fun. The concept behind the game may be simple, but it’s still a blast and even a little bit addicting. If you want a fun game that will help you pass the time when you are bored, consider downloading Bricks Ball Crusher.


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