Vector 2 Mobile App Review

Vector 2 is an obstacle running game where your character completes levels called floors while being awarded upgrades that help for their survival after the completion of each floor. With a very black and white feel, when you play Vector 2 you might get that classic feeling.

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Mobile App Review for Vector 2

When you download Vector 2 you will undergo a short briefing that shows you how to play. Also, the controls of this game are ridiculously simple. Furthermore, if you swipe up on the screen your character will jump; swipe down to slide, and swipe to the right to run faster. Keep advancing through courses without being destroyed in order to gain features like a super heat-resistant uniform jacket that keep your character alive longer. Getting the hang of this game is pretty easy, but understanding what everything is is hard because there are tons of different features to explore as time goes on.


  • Futuristic and simple arcade game
  • Gain upgrades by completing floors
  • Jump, slide and accelerate to make it through each floor

You might find this game is similar to many other games that exist.


  • Simple and straightforward
  • Cool silhouette graphics

One good thing to be said about Vector 2 is that the graphics are in some way mysterious and cool. This would be a great app to pass the device over to a child to enjoy, as the controls are relatively simple and some kids really might take a liking to it.


  • Relatively uneventful
  • Not very unique

Just like most other gaming apps out there, when you play Vector 2 be careful for unwanted charges as it is easy to accidentally make a purchase.

Download or No?

Should you download Vector 2? It’s really up to you. If you are passionate about all things apps or all things gaming then the download and time spent won’t be wasted. If you are an app developer there are a few cool things that can be taken from this app. As for Vector 2 as a game, it didn’t do a lot to impress or draw interest. Overall the developers of this app could have done a little better job at going into detail with the gameplay and making more interesting controls other than the three available moves. Shoot, even on the old arcade games there are three times as many buttons to press. But take these words with a grain of salt; if you want to know about Vector then download the app and start running through the motions.


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