Stranger Things: The Game Mobile App Review

The Stranger Things game is a unique mobile app based on the Netflix series that has people around the world going crazy. The game packs in multiple puzzles while basing the main events on the TV series and all main events. The year 1984 was an exciting year and with the Stranger Things game, you can jump right in as if it was your very own birth year.

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Mobile App Review for Stranger Things: The Game

When you download Stranger Things 3 game, you will notice the similarities in the Netflix series. You are able to team up with others in the game and explore the entire world of Hawkins. Along the way, you will find mysterious and exciting new things with every step. With the retro style that Stranger Things 3 the game offers you, you will be able to play a new-aged game set back in the early ’80s. Right after you download Stranger Things 3 game, you will have access to new improved quests that take you deeper into the world of Hawkins than you have ever been before. Take into consideration with the download of Stranger things 3 the game that all enemies are still just a step behind and it is up to you to defeat all-new creatures at every level.


  • New and improved characters including the 12 original characters from the show.
  • A deeper look into the mysterious world of Hawkins and the facility.
  • Two-player co-op is now allowed to help defeat the upside down.


Solve new quests deeper into the world of Hawkins facility.

  • Use a two-player co-op in order to defeat the Upside Down.
  • The official game to season 3 of Stranger Things.


  • Retro style which does not include high definition graphics for easier viewing.
  • Only a certain amount of lives given, then you must collect lives from killing enemies in every level.
  • Lives are not replenished, you must start from the beginning of the quest.

Stranger things is the perfect game for fans of the original Netflix series Stranger Things. In this game, you are able to play as one of your favorite characters from the series while exploring Hawkins. In the Upside Down, you will defeat new enemies and also try to complete the quest in a timely manner. Every quest brings you that much closer to the main prize and finding out exactly what is going on in the Hawkins facility. However, keep in mind that even the cutest of creatures in the game can bring you back to the beginning of the quest and take away the lives you have earned.


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