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Sonic Forces is the latest game in the Sonic the Hedgehog adventure game dynasty from Sega. To win this game, you must stop the evil Doctor Eggman from destroying yet another city with his impenetrable army of mercenary robots. You can enlist the help of your fellow hedgehog Silver, your trusty sidekick Tails, and your partner Knuckles. Find the evil Eggman and destroy him before it's too late.

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Get Ready To Join The Resistance And Defeat The Evil Doctor Eggman

To give you maximum fun and variety, Sonic Forces features three gameplay modes. You can play the Sonic Forces app as a side-scrolling adventure game, you can use the game’s three-dimensional graphics engine to play the app in Modern Mode, or you can turn the Sonic Forces app into an epic role-playing game in the Avatar Mode. Whichever gameplay mode you chose, this game delivers exciting action and colorful characters for you to enjoy.


  • Three Exciting Gameplay Formats – Whether you choose to play Sonic Forces on Avatar Mode, Modern Mode, or Classic Mode, you can expect to encounter all of the classic characters from previous versions of this game.
  • 5+ Racing Characters – Take charge of the action by racing as other characters besides your favorite hedgehog. You can race as Knuckles, Tails, or Rogue, just to name a few.
  • New Attacks – Destroy Doctor Eggman’s robotic henchmen with blistering fireball attacks, devastating lightning strikes, explosive landmines, and more. Bring all of these weapons to bear on your mortal enemies before time runs out on your efforts.
  • Unlock Secret Characters – As you progress through deeper through the game, you can unlock hidden characters to give yourself unique weapons and powers.


  • The levels of this adventure racing game have fantastic graphic renderings. The colors are bright and vibrant, and each new environment feels rich and complete. These excellent graphics really help add to the storyline and make you feel like you are on a real-life adventure.
  • You can play this game as a pure racing game, but you can also choose to play it as more of a role-playing game. The multiple gameplay modes really add to the depth and richness of this game.
  • There are a lot of entertaining ways to attack your enemies in the game. For example, you can run your opposition off of the road while you are racing, and you can summon natural disasters as part of your attack.


  • It’s free to download this classic racing game, but the game has a lot of ways for you to spend money. You may find some of the advertisements to be pushy. Furthermore, you sometimes have to buy new features just to speed up the gameplay. You also have to pay to use several of the special weapons and powerups.
  • The downside of great graphics is that this game needs modern mobile hardware to run the way that it should. If you have an older tablet, for example, you may find the gameplay to be choppy.
  • Some users find that it’s somewhat difficult to control the characters as you are racing.
  • New updates to the game seem to be emphasizing payments over access to the free features.

Wrapping Up The Review

This app is an entertaining update to the classic storyline of everybody’s favorite hedgehog adventure game. Whether you choose to battle against other players or play the game on your own, there are lots of ways to enjoy the Sonic Forces app today.


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