Murder in the Alps Mobile App Review

Puzzle games and crime-solving mysteries always make for a fun gaming experience. Murder in the Alps is a mobile crime game that puts you in the middle of several obscure events that occur in an opulent hotel in one of the most beautiful areas of the snowy Alps.

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Travel Back In Time

The stage is set during a particularly cold and snowy season in the Alps during the 1930s. Navigate through the game as a reporter who arrives at a hotel during a series of unfortunate events. Each area of the game is full of tangible objects that you can use to progress the story and solve the crime as to who is murdering innocent guests at the hotel. You’ll have to use your wits and put yourself in the shoes of the killer to discover the murder mystery. You’ll advance through the story by finding items that unlock new scenes.

Unlike many other mobile puzzle games, the Murder in the Alps app includes immersive cinematic scenes. The incredible voice acting keeps you fully involved in the story at all times. There are many different outcomes and events that take place during the story as well, so there is plenty of opportunities to replay the game again and again. Among the countless objects to explore in Murder in the Alps are also multiple characters that you can interact with along the way. Take the time to speak with everyone in the hotel because you never know who the murderer could be.

Murder in the Alps Features

  • Immersive Storyline – Other crime-solving games typically don’t include an immersive storyline and challenges like this. This game includes myriad moving pieces and cinematics that feel more like watching a show than playing a game at times.
  • Interactive Setting – Collect and use objects to advance the story, so don’t be afraid to tap and click on everything you see.
  • Easy Interface Navigation – The features needed to navigate the game are represented with easy-to-read text or icons that anyone in the family could use with ease.

Murder in the Alps Pros

  • Voice Acting – Other mobile games either use over-the-top voice actors or simple text at the bottom of the screen. Download Murder in the Alps and enjoy hours of high-quality voice acting that sounds like you’re in a movie.
  • Simple Controls – The game is easy to play with simple tap and sliding motions.
  • Graphics – The graphics included in the app are second to none and are impeccable down to the finest details.

Murder in the Alps Cons

  • Energy System – You need to rely on an energy system to make any moves in the game.
  • Limited Playtime – Often times you wait for one to two full days before getting back into the game again.

Overall, Murder in the Alps is an incredible crime-solving game that will leave you guessing until you crack the case. With all the intense twists and turns, the game leaves you on the edge of your seat. Murder in the Alps is a thrilling mobile game experience that you won’t want to miss out on.


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