Adventure Escape: Carnival Mobile App Review

When you hear the word carnival, you might think about balloons, games, and rides. Although Adventure Escape Carnival offers these details, you're playing a game in a haunted atmosphere where you're trying to find out what happened to a little girl. To change things up a bit, your character is a witch.

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About Adventure Escape: Carnival

When you download Adventure Escape, you’ll see what appears to be an ordinary carnival. The colors are bright and cheerful, and the sounds are pleasing to hear. The game soon changes and you see the game turn dark with a little girl appearing on the screen. The little girl has been kidnapped, and you have to find out what happened to her. As a witch, there are a few powers that you have that you can use to help find her before it’s too late.

While playing Adventure Escape Carnival, you’ll work with her uncle to play games and solve clues. One tip to keep in mind after you download Adventure Escape is that there are surprises around every corner. Sometimes, details aren’t always what they appear to be, such as the horses on the carousel or the clowns who seem like they want to play but tend to have a hidden agenda. While playing the game, you need to look for clues that can result in escaping further into the carnival. It is there where you will find out what happened to the little girl unless you fail at your task.

Features of the App

  • Graphics are stunning to view
  • Dozens of puzzles to solve
  • Hidden spells and objects help to solve the kidnapping


  • Free game to play for hours
  • Easy to control the characters
  • Music and designs are fun and creative


  • Could use a few more storylines
  • Play the game too quickly if you like puzzles
  • Some terms hard to understand


If you enjoy carnivals and mysteries, then Adventure Escape is a game that you’ll enjoy. However, try to take your time playing the game because there are few storylines available. This means that once you’re done with the game, there are few options for changing the outcome and playing again unless you want to repeat the details. However, the overall game is enjoyable and full of life. The characters are designed with mesmerizing colors and features, and the music takes you into a carnival, making you think that you’re really there trying to help an uncle find a little girl. There are surprises and mysteries around every turn, making it a game that you’ll have to think about instead of only playing.


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