WWE Mayhem Mobile App Review

Have you ever wanted to play a mobile wrestling game that has some intense ring action, relentless competition, and awesome commentary? The WWE Mayhem Mobile App definitely has all three of those features and much more. In this review, I will be going over this WWE action game that would cause mayhem.

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Reliance Big Entertainment (UK) Private Limited

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Mobile App Review for WWE Mayhem
WWE Mayhem was developed by a company called Reliance Games. Now, Reliance Games helps develop, publish, and promote mobile games. This company represents a worldwide gaming department for Reliance Entertainment. By the time they were set to publish this WWE game, they had known that this was a huge hit. This mobile app has a 4.4 rating in the Google Play Store and a 4.5 rating in the Apple App Store. In addition, this app has a website that shows the list of WWE Superstars, Media Updates, And Merchandising Store. Go to www.wwemayhemgame.com and check out some of their recent content and upcoming events.

At any rate, when you first download WWE Mayhem, you will have the chance to experience the full animated ring action. Plus, you can control your favorite WWE Superstar and defeat your opponent. It is an arcade app where you can defeat your opponent with a few crazy, unrealistic moves. The matches are epic, and I believe you will able to enjoy this arcade experience. It doesn’t get any better than this especially when you can play an arcade game through your phone.


  • Play Against Your Friends In “VS” Mode
  • Experience Some High-Intense Wrestling Moves
  • Play As Some Of Your Favorite WWE Superstars
  • Attend Weekly Events That Include Live WWE Shows.
  • Learn All Of The Superstars’ Signature And Special Moves.
  • Download WWE Mayhem For Free With Amazing In-App Purchases
  • Play As Legends Like Stone Cold Steve Austin And AJ Styles
  • Earn Rewards Such As Boosts, Superstar Classes, And Gold. (Not Real Gold!)


  • Love The Graphics
  • Enjoy Competing For Rewards.
  • Build A Tag Team Of Your Own.
  • Being Able To Create Your Own Moves
  • The Action Is Crazy Fast And Super Intense
  • Get The Chance To As Your Favorite WWE Legends.
  • Being Able To Perform Some Outstanding Signature Moves (Love It)


  • Fast Battery Drainage
  • The Game Buffers A Lot
  • Matches Reset When The App Freezes
  • Not The Best Game For Offline Gamers
  • Requires Access To Your Device Location
  • Requires Over 1.6 Gigabytes Of Data Storage
  • The Double Reversal and Reverse Block Controls Are Very Disturbing


Reliance Games has promptly taken arcade gaming to another elevated level by progressively developing a mobile version of a successful WWE arcade game. With WWE Mayhem remain a significant game to engage in, the leading developers at Reliance Games have clearly impressed Reliance Entertainment by placing this mobile app in a unique marketplace. If you are a WWE fan and you would like to play as your favorite WWE Superstars, then this app would most likely be the recommended app to download. Furthermore, if you enjoy intense action that involves being able to “strike” your dear friends and enthusiastically receive rewards for every glorious victory, then this mobile app would be precisely for you. Genuinely enjoy the full arcade-like gaming experience without essentially playing on an arcade machine.


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