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World War 2 games can be a thrilling challenge to complete, and none is more engaging than the World War 2 Heroes game. Whether you decide to do battle across historically accurate scenes in important combat missions or you decide to take on other players in one of the many gameplay modes, this game has something for you to enjoy.

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Get Ready For A Different Kind Of World War Heroes Game On Mobile

As its name suggests, World War 2 Heroes is all about simulating the world’s second major war. This is a first-person shooter (FPS) game, and it lends itself naturally to both cooperative and adversarial gameplay. The graphics are smooth, and the enemies can be highly challenging.

If you are looking for a great war simulator to play today, you can download this WW2 shooter for either Android or iOS right now.


  • Hardcore Mode – When you play the game on the Hardcore difficulty setting, you take damage in the most realistic way possible during combat. This setting is not for the faint of heart, and it is only for those who are ready for the unbridled carnage that comes with real war.
  • Deathmatch Mode – It’s every person for themselves in the competitive Deathmatch setting. Head into battle against other users from all over the planet as you protect your life and give out fierce punishment to all who cross your path. Rack up more kills than deaths to achieve the highest score and win the game.
  • Tank Battles – Team up with fellow players to do battle on the famous German Panzer tanks against a rival squad. You can carefully plan and coordinate your attacks to do maximum damage, but be sure to survey the terrain before you strike.
  • Historic World War 2 Weapons And Battles – Storm the beaches of Normandy and simulate World War 2’s most famous battles as you struggle to advance into enemy territory. Choose from more than 50 guns and weapons to aid you in your quest. The game features weapons from the United States, Germany, Russia, and Japan.


  • World War 2 Heroes is very accurate in its details. You can drive real German tank models, use authentic Russian weapons, and simulate famous battles from the war.
  • Compared to other war games, this game has a much larger amount of gameplay modes and settings to choose from. You can even create your own set of rules and challenge other users in your environment.
  • There is no cost to download this WW2 shooter game.
  • The graphics and sound effects make you feel like you’re legitimately commanding a team of troops into a battle.
  • When it comes to weapons, there are a lot more than just simple pistols and machine guns to choose from. You can customize all sorts of grenades and rocket launchers as well. Furthermore, you can also select your body armor from authentic designs.


  • Even though the game is free to download, there are a lot of in-app purchases. You may find the constant purchase options to be a bit too pushy.
  • Although you can easily win the first few levels, you may need to purchase some equipment upgrades to go deeper into the game. If you’re competing against users that have bought upgrades, you may find it tough to stand a chance.
  • Some of the gameplay levels tend to change a bit with new releases. You might spend a bunch of time to master a given level only to have it disappear in the latest update.
  • Unless you are playing on the hardest difficulty settings, some of the damage is unrealistic. For example, you can live through being shot in the head.
  • As you continue to upgrade your weapons, the app pits you against opponents that are always above your capabilities. A lot of people feel that this is done to encourage you to pay for more upgrades.


This World War heroes game features a realistic cache of weapons for you to deploy, several engaging gameplay objectives, and a compelling plot for you to work through. To experience all of the fast-paced action, you can download this WW2 shooter from either the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store today.


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