World of Tanks Blitz MMO Mobile App Review

Tank shooters on mobile combine the competitive spirit of war games with the subtle nuances of a driving game. World Of Tanks (W.O.T.) Blitz MMO, the flagship offering from Wargaming Minsk, aims to bring a richly authentic battle-gaming experience to mobile.

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Tank Gaming Goes Mobile: A Review Of World Of Tanks

The app offers many gameplay modes and a realistic storyline running in the background. With millions of users around the world, the game has a rich player pool to choose from for your next multiplayer battle, and the developers behind this app claim the graphics engine is the most realistic available today. To start the game, you simply choose the model of the armored tank that you would like to use in competition, and the multiplayer engine sends you into a battle on a virtual map. You can talk with other players by either type chat or voice, and you can choose from a variety of advanced weaponry to upgrade your tank’s power.

As an MMO game, it’s centered around the ability to challenge other users to several different types of war simulation gameplay modes. The World of Tanks download is fully compatible with iOS and Android, and the app is also available for select Windows phones.


  • Select Your Tank From Over 300 Models – Choose from a big collection of more than 300 tanks. Tanks are modeled after real-life Army vehicles from around the world or based on future technologies and alien creations. Pick your desired vehicle and bring authentic military technology to life across the online battlefield.
  • Real Tank Models From The World’s Most Historical Battles – From the famous Panzer tanks of World War II to more modern models found in the Gulf War, select from a wide range of authentic vehicle designs.
  • Several Multiplayer Modes – You can battle 7-on-7 or choose from challenges like Mad Games and Realistic Battle Mode. The choice is up to you.
  • More Than 100 Million Users To Challenge – The worldwide community of W.O.T. players is always ready for a game.
  • H.D. Graphic Support – Experience realistic visual environments with high-def graphics for your mobile device.
  • Realistic Vehicle Upgrades – Invest in R&D to upgrade your tank’s capabilities, just like a real military operation.


  • The gameplay engine has a very real feel because the sound effects are crisp and clear, and the graphics make you feel like you’re right in the heat of battle. Small details like changing colors in the sky and realistic physics on the ground really bring this game to life.
  • Since this game is so popular, you never have to spend much time waiting for somebody to challenge. It’s always easy to join the multiplayer pool and find yourself engaged in a battle before in under a minute.
  • Different gameplay modes like Mad Games and Realistic Battles are a challenge for even the most seasoned players.
  • Even though this is an action-packed game, there is definitely a strategy to it. The developers behind this app put a lot of thought into strategic elements like R&D to upgrade your vehicle’s abilities.


  • The World Of Tanks app requires a lot of attention because you’re not able to multitask while playing. With that said, part of the reason that the game uses so many system resources is that the features are so rich in quality.

Closing Thoughts On The World Of Tanks App

W.O.T. brings the experience of operating a tank straight to your mobile device. If you download the app, you will find realistic gameplay and graphics that you deserve in a gaming experience.


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