Tomb of the Mask Mobile App Review

Sometimes simple games arrive on mobile phones that have a familiar feel to them with a twist. You can play Tomb of the Mask today on your phone and have a fun experience with simple sliding controls. The game has a charming 8-bit style, nice sound effects and a simple progression system that keeps the game interesting. With new challenges added to each level to keep the difficulty up, you may find yourself quickly in love with this simple yet effective game.

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What Is Tomb of the Mask?

This game will help direct you through the first few minutes of the game and teach you the basic controls. It’s simple and easy to follow along and figure out the menus. The game has you playing as a mask that slides across the edges of the screen. You can go up, down, left or right. Your mask will slide until it hits a wall. You can collect coins, dots and stars to earn more coins and chests to unlock rewards. These rewards vary from new masks with added perks to power-ups that help you through the harder levels.

It’s not always easy, however. You will come across blue spikes that will destroy your mask if you touch them. There are also flashing lines that will turn into spikes and moving enemies. If you lose, you can either spend 200 coins to continue from where you lost or spend an energy point to restart the level. You have a limited number of energy that recharges over time. There are many ads, but you can remove pop-up ads by paying $3.49. It’s an excellent sliding platformer.


  • A main game mode alongside an arcade mode.
  • Colorful and fun 8-bit graphics.
  • Free to play version to try the game out.
  • Multiple masks to gain added bonuses.
  • Simple controls that are also responsive.
  • Many levels to keep things interesting.


  • Simple controls making it easy to pick up.
  • Can be played in short or long gaming sessions.
  • Simpler graphics make it use less battery life.
  • Can download Tomb of the Mask on Android or iOS.
  • Low price to remove pop-up ads.
  • Option to try the game for free.


  • Many ads in the free version.
  • Flashing lights may hurt some people’s eyes.
  • Later levels can cause frustration if you repeatedly die at the same part.

Play Tomb of the Mask Today

Tomb of the Mask provides a simple experience that many people will enjoy. The controls are easy to understand and responsive, but the game increases in difficulty for people who want a challenge. You can download Tomb of the Mask for Android and iOS, which is always a plus. Also, since it’s free to play, you can try out the game and see if you want to pay to get rid of the pop-up ads. Go ahead and try out the game today.


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