Stick Fight: The Game Mobile App Review

Stick Fight is a physics-based game for mobile that allows you to play with friends with decent connectivity. There is plenty of action with stick fight the game as it is a game where you battle your friends with back to back punching action and explosions.

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Mobile App Review for Stick Fight: The Game

Stick fight is free to play so you won’t have to worry about paying any subscription fees or be bothered with any pay to play content that exists on many other game apps. Stick fight allows you to battle components with non-stop action and battling. Since this is a 2-dimensional platform game, you will have to worry about straining your eyes too much while playing on your phone as you might with some other games that are graphically intensive.

The graphics that the app has to offer are basic and the colors simplified.

The gameplay is where the app shines overall as it has over eighty levels of content and maps with different types of challenges that involve destruction or survival. These are just a couple of the types of challenges they have to offer within their map content.

You can play with up to four different people either co-op (local) or online.

App’s Features

  • With over eighty levels of content, you will have plenty to play through.
  • You have the ability to play with up to four people or play challenges on different levels
  • Sign up to play or just play as a guess once the application loads up


  • Simplified graphics but engaging game with interactivity
  • Play with up to four people
  • Eighty levels of content


  • You must have a decent connection to play online
  • Challenges can be a bit easy at times

Before downloading stick fight the game, make sure you have at least 250 megabytes of free space. As simple as the game might be, it does require having a bit of space to be able to run.

After downloading the app, your phone will lead you to an option to signup or play as a guest. It is because the stick fight app downloads patches from an online database that you will need additional phones space other than the approximate 200 megabytes that are required to download the app.

If you want a good laugh with some friends while battling stick figures, the stick fight app may be a great option for a game and possibly a few hours of some engaging phone. To download the app, go to your phone’s store and search for ‘stick fight the game’ to download and play today.


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