Sonic the Hedgehog Classic Mobile App Review

SEGA has outdone themselves by putting out a classic for the mobile app. For those of that remember the game, it’s called Sonic The Hedgehog. It’s been a fan favorite for s couple of decades and is obviously still going strong to have this type of honor.

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App Description

When you get ready to play Sonic classic, you will notice that the app comes with Sonic on the front of it. That in itself will make you download it right away. You will find that this is game has not changed much either. It had cool graphics and seven zones that you need along with the same evil villains. This means you can go back to the good old days when playing this one. There is one touch to the game and that is the fact that the soundtrack has been remastered. Otherwise, you can have the same kind of fun you did as a child growing up.

There is so much to Sonic The HedgeHog that you are going to want to take your time when exploring the app. You will see some changes that that are not that big of a deal but it’s worthwhile considering this game is such a legend. It has its place among the greats that SEGA put out. Now, it won’t die out thanks to making its way to mobile devices and tablets. Plus, anyone can play it.

App Features

Once you open the app to play Sonic Classic, you will see some new features that are designed for the app and other gaming devices. There are plenty more as you go through the levels of the game. Some of the features included are:

  • Playing the game in widescreen
  • New characters to play with
  • Both IOS and Android both have controller support
  • You can now time yourself in attack mode

Sonic The Hedgehog is just a fun game to play, and SEGA made the right move by keeping it alive through mobile app use. You can enjoy this game with your friends and family no matter where you go of what you are doing.

Pros And Cons

When you download Sonic, if you are new to the game, then you will see for yourself why so many people love it. To have it on an app is a dream come true in terms of classic games. The list of likes and dislikes consist of:


  • You can now play a two-decades-old classic on an actual app
  • The levels are wonderful and the hedgehog sequence is still the same
  • It’s easy for anyone to play


  • So far there aren’t any cons

Downloading The App

You need to download Sonic now so you can play a game that’s very energetic. It has everything that you could possibly need to do in certain zones still intact, you just play them the way that they are. The new characters will be there for you to play as you get closer to stopping the evil doctor. You want to connect with your friends so that you give have a great time playing each other. Now is your chance to enjoy a timeless classic everybody loves and wants to play with.


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