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Project Slender is a mobile game based on the Slenderman series. It is made in the horror style, and it features many of the same unsettling elements that can be found in other horror games. Throughout the game, you explore the world with a flashlight and attempt to collect certain items in order to progress.

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Game Overview

The downloading experience for Project Slender is very slick. There’s no setup on your phone, and it takes up a small amount of space to download the app. The game also runs very smoothly on older phones, so you will be able to run this game perfectly well with an old device. The levels are varied, so there are plenty of environments to choose from. Most notably, there’s a forest level that closely resembles a quaint Minecraft area. The atmosphere is exciting and fun to play in.

The settings menu is easy to understand, but this is a positive feature in our view. The only things that may need to be modified are the screen sensitivity, interface visibility, and also the camera smoothing feature. The game also features a help menu that describes the purpose of the game, which is to collect eight pages on various levels that were designed by the game maker. The initial experience playing the game may be slightly confusing. This is because it might not be immediately apparent to every player that the motion controls don’t have a corresponding user interface element on the screen. Regardless of this, most people will quickly be able to catch on because the controls are not hard at all.

Important Game Features

  • Varied level design
  • Unique concept with an excellent horror atmosphere
  • Multiple levels to choose from
  • Low mobile device requirements
  • Excellent recreation of a popular horror series


  • Smooth gameplay on all devices
  • Unique take on a known and loved horror theme
  • Quaint references to other popular games
  • Simple user interface


  • The options menu isn’t long enough
  • There’s varied level design, however, gameplay is repetitive

Overall, this is a satisfying game. Project Slender does a lot of things very well, and the developers did a wonderful job recreating a very well-known game that was popularized by other franchises. While the horror genre may be a lot for some players to handle, we think you will find the game to be very thrilling to play through. Download Project Slender and expect to face a straightforward horror experience that you can enjoy on your mobile device.


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