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The best first-person shooter (FPS) games on mobile feature excellent graphics, smooth gameplay, and plenty of weapons to choose from. In short, Pixel Gun 3D delivers all of these and more. This game has more levels, more guns, and more skins than any of its competitors.

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Pixel Gun 3D

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Blast Your Enemies To Smithereens In The Pixel Gun 3D App

You can play Pixel Gun with a variety of different objectives, including cooperative modes where you team up with other users to take on a rival group. Unlike other shooter games, the Pixel Gun 3D app features a unique set of cubelike graphics and animations. The characters are rendered with square shapes, and this helps make the game run much smoother on your smartphone and tablet.

In addition, you can download Pixel Gun 3D and install the app for offline play from the start. This means that even if you’re on the road or you don’t have access to stable WiFi, you can still play Pixel Gun 3D. To download Pixel Gun 3D, you can visit the Google Play or Apple App Store today.


  • Hundreds Of Weapons – Whether you want to use a powerful machine or master your craft with one of the game’s many sniper guns, you can select your weapon from a wide variety of the world’s deadliest guns. You can also use advanced devices like energy shields and futuristic jetpacks to ambush your opponents.
  • Over Ten Multiplayer Gameplay ModesChallenge all of your friends to a fierce game of combat in modes like Deathmatch, Cooperative Survival, and Campaign. No matter what kind of first-person shoot experience that you desire, it’s easy to play Pixel Gun in one of your favorite gameplay modes today.


  • The graphics in this game are definitely unique. All of the characters render in a very unique way, and the environments are colorful and vibrant. If you have not played a first-person shooter game with block animations before, you are in for a treat.
  • This game demands a high degree of accuracy and skill. Even if you consider yourself to be great at most shooting games, this game is definitely a challenge.
  • The offline mode makes this game easy to play without an active internet connection. Play this game while commuting to work or whenever you’re in a place without WiFi.
  • There are plenty of maps and shooting to environments to play with. The game has a ton of variation to keep things interesting.
  • The multiplayer gameplay is outstanding. You can cooperate with other users, battle against everybody else, or play a more advanced role-playing version of the game.


  • You may find the learning curve on this game to be quite steep. Although purists love this game because there is no automatic aiming, all of the different levels might take you a long time to master.
  • It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all of the different gameplay modes.
  • The game moves fast. This can be disorienting until you get used to everything that’s inside of the app.


Overall, this first-person shooter game has a robust set of features and excellent graphics to boot. The block animations definitely make for a unique experience, and it’s a great idea to download Pixel Gun 3D today so you can play this game with all of your friends.


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