MORTAL KOMBAT Mobile App Review

Mortal Kombat is a game that has been deemed a classic. It’s packed with awesome fight scenes and a vast array of characters that anyone playing can to choose from to do their fight scenes with. It’s one of those favorite pastimes that we seem to never get tired of playing.






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Overview: Mobile App Review for Mortal Kombat

The Mortal Kombat mobile app is a gaming experience that is full of outrageous colors and is masterfully designed with hundreds of different characters that are uniquely created to keep the game interesting. When we play this game, we will notice the length that the developers went to make the graphics as stunning as possible on this. From the background to the actual area where the fight scenes take place look very realistic. They made sure that there were plenty of moves for each character. It’s a game that will hold our interest from start to finish because it’s full of action in every sequence. Plus, the characters themselves have unique signature moves that when used, helps them to win the game. That usually means that the opponent dies, which is gruesome with lots of blood spatter and other gory messes that people come to expect from this game.

There are plenty of great features this app contains that keeps the game interesting which makes us return to it time and time again. It’s worth exploring when there is so much to see and do when it comes to utilizing all of the great features which make the game fun to play.


  • Awesome fatality moves
  • Unique characters to choose from
  • The ability to create your own team
  • Play against another real player
  • Weekly prizes
  • A leaderboard to see the standings in the competitions

This is a game that is hard to put down. It has action from beginning to end just like the regular game and is worth every bit of the time we put into it. When we download Mortal Kombat, we are in for a wonderful competitive adventure that is edgy and very entertaining. The features just kick things up a few notches for some serious gaming experiences that no other fighting game can give.

So what are some of the pros and cons when it comes to having fun with Mortal Kombat? When we look at the games we find tons of reasons to keep this one on our mobile devices for instant playtime. So the reasons to enjoy this includes:


  • Play a timeless classic action game
  • Plenty of characters new and old to choose from
  • The ability to build a solid team of warriors for various fight sequences
  • Can play against other real players for prizes
  • Offers the same brutality as the regular console game
  • Keeps us on the edge of our seat from start to finish


  • The game isn’t totally free because there are in-app purchases

Download Mortal Kombat if you’re looking for a good time. It’s a classic that has been around for decades and is not going anywhere. It’s one of those games that keeps us on our toes every time we open it up. Installing it puts it right at our fingertips.


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