Hitman Sniper Mobile App Review

If you are a serious gamer that loves to play the more adult video games, then there is one you should check out. It’s the Hitman Sniper game which pulls all punches in terms of fighting and having a lot of action. There are also slow-paced moments you may enjoy about this app as well.

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App Description

By looking at the app, you already know what the Hitman Sniper game is about. You are looking at playing some good intense violence while maneuvering around as Agent 47. Hitting high profile targets is your mission, and there is even a cool bonus zombie scene. There is no shortage of thrills with this one. You have access to the most powerful weaponry you will ever need to complete your missions. Most gamers enjoy playing this one because it has a level of seriousness to it that keeps it’s interesting. Knowing that you are on the hunt to kill the most notorious of villains will keep you in your seat and on edge to get the mission done.

The Hitman Sniper game is not for everyone, especially since it would be inappropriate for children under 17. With that said, you can have a great time exploring this app and what it has before you start to play. This gives you an idea of how it’s supposed to go and how to gain your weapons as you go complete each level.

App Features

There are some cool features about this app you will appreciate when you play Hitman Sniper. Having these features also ensures that you can get through the entire game intact. When you are fighting all the way through it, it’s good to stay geared up. These features include:

  • You can use your strategic skills
  • An action-packed zombie hunt
  • The play is continuous with 150 different missions
  • There are ten contracts that need to be fulfilled
  • You get to use 16 different types of guns
  • There are weapon parts you need to collect
  • You can connect and play with multiple people

Pros And Cons

Most gamers who play other games that are similar to when they play Hitman Sniper are finding this game to be very good. Some of the levels offer a bit of a break although they still contain action. The likes and dislikes about this game include:


  • There are tactical missions you can do
  • There are survivor challenges you can take
  • You get to see all of the subterfuges as well as secrets surrounding your mission
  • Your agent gets to test the speed in which he can pull off an assassination
  • The app only cost 99 cents in order to download


  • Aside from paying for the download, there are also other in-app purchases

Downloading The Apps

You need to download Hitman Sniper if you want to play a really good assassin game. This one will definitely get your adrenaline going. Each scene comes with its own unique set of interesting mishaps you need to work through. You need a game that will really challenge you, and this one is it. Download Hitman Sniper now so that you can start your mission and defeat the enemy. Those zombies need to be destroyed, and you are the only one capable of handling such a huge crisis.


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