Helix Jump Mobile App Review

Helix Jump is a 3D arcade-style game where you manipulate a ball or object down a cylindrical platform to the bottom of the level, avoiding off-colored platforms that will cause the ball to explode on the way.

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Mobile App Review for Helix Jump

Made by the developer Voodoo, the controls to Helix Jump are relatively simple. As your ball or object continually bounces up and down your job is to slide your finger across the touch screen to the left and right, moving the platforms accordingly to allow the object to advanced downward. The further the ball or object falls continually, the more momentum it builds, and the more points you can score. If the ball or object hits an off-colored platform, barrier, or object it will explode and you will have to face a set of ads before you can try the level again.

This is a really fun game that is great for people of all ages and would be entertaining to pass around the room or car during a road trip. There is also a spinning icon that contains three arrows pointing downwards that will allow you to skip floors so you can reach the end of the level faster. If you fall down more than three levels you will break the level that you land on and earn more points.


  • 3D Arcade-style gravity game
  • Avoid all obstacles and arrive at the bottom floor to reach the next level
  • Unlock different objects to play with

Similar to an early 2000s web game, this mobile application will itch your scratch of playing a challenging game when the moment is right. If you want to play without ads you can download Helix Jump premium and enjoy without interruption.


  • Addicting and fun
  • Skill required

After you download Helix Jump and play it a couple of times, you aren’t going to want to put it down. It takes some serious finesse and fine-tuning to be good at this game, despite how simple it is.


  • Ads for violent games
  • Mandatory wait between tries

One frustrating thing about playing the Helix Jump app is that you have to wait between failed attempts. Sometimes the ads are for violent sniper games, so be warned if your kids are playing.

The Helix Jump App is Very Well Made

This is a recommended download because of how addicting it is to play. A good pointer would be to download the premium version, as the ads seem to throw the flow off dramatically. Remember, the more levels you complete, the more stars and gifts you will win. Download the app and bounce to win!


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