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First-person shooter (FPS) games vary wildly in both scope and theme. For those who love a tactical challenge and are willing to put in some time to master a wide variety of FPS skills, there is Critical Ops. The Critical Ops app for mobile combines the classic battle strategy requirement of war games with futuristic weaponry and lifelike graphics to give you a unique multiplayer experience. Perhaps even better, though, is that this mobile download is completely free.

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A Futuristic Shooting Game On Your Mobile Device

This app has millions of users, and it’s always easy to organize a game of Critical Ops. With several different gameplay objectives to choose from, you can participate in classic structures like capture the flag (CTF) or heads-up play. You can train yourself to handle several different types of guns, and you can even design custom gameplay modes where you set the rules. The graphics are great, and this game moves fast.

Simply put, there is little wonder that 40 million+ users have chosen to download Critical Ops.


  • More Than Five Exciting Gameplay Modes – With a wide variety of gameplay modes and one of the world’s largest user bases, this app gives you endless multiplayer first-person-shooter fun. For the ultimate strategic challenge, try a game of Defuse against a rival team or clan. The Bomb Team is tasked with planting a hidden explosive somewhere in the environment, and the Rescue Team must find and defuse the explosive before it is detonated.
  • Deathmatch Mode – Get your friends together and challenge an opposing team in Deathmatch Mode. With more than 40 million users around the world, there is no shortage of opposing teams to challenge.
  • Three-Dimensional FPS Graphics – The Critical Ops graphics engine is second to none. It produces a lifelike FPS experience that will make you feel like you are in the middle of a live combat zone.

Pros Of This FPS Mobile Game

  • The graphics in this game are absolutely incredible. Colors are clear and sharp, and the gameplay environments also have very realistic renderings. This is one of the best three-dimensional mobile FPS games on the market.
  • There are a ton of weapons to choose from. There’s always a new weapon waiting for you to pick it up and practice, so you never get bored.
  • Unlike other FPS games that have cartoonish environments, the levels in this game are based on the physical world.
  • As far as mobile shooter games go, the controls are very easy to learn.
  • There are a huge number of players in the pool. You never have a problem finding a game.

Cons Of This FPS Mobile Game

  • In order for smooth gameplay, you need a phone that can handle the demands of this app’s graphics. Furthermore, the game needs a large and stable data stream to run the way it should. The ping threshold for this game to run optimally is below 40.
  • Some people don’t like the fact that this game used to be completely free, but now you need to make in-app purchases in order to unlock some of the features.


The Critical Ops app gives you a realistic FPS experience with more than enough weapons to make the game interesting and fun. It’s free to download Critical Ops on either iOS or Android, and you have nothing to lose by giving this game a try.


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