Bowmasters Mobile App Review

On the surface level, the Bowmasters game may seem just a game. However, once one plays the download of Bowmasters, they find it's actually a bit more challenging than they imagined. It's a game of skill, and not just skill with the bow. You have to understand how physics and geometry works in order to make the perfect arc for your arrow. Sounds boring? It's not!






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A Fun and Addictive Game

When you play Bowmasters, you take the role of an archer attempting to destroy his enemies with the help of an arrow. You set the trajectory, let loose the arrow and hopefully, you hit your target. You get three chances to eliminate the target. The Bowmasters game takes a bit from Mortal Kombat in stating: “Finish Him!” upon the last and deadly blow.

The Pros of the Game

  • Great graphics- a cartoon-ish feel to the game
  • Utilizes math and geometry knowledge
  • Fun and addictive- it’s hard to put down
  • Sound effects- though these can be gross, they are effective

The graphics of the game bring forth the fun and playability of the game. They all blend into one neat, addictive game. When you download Bowmasters, you are stepping into a different realm of gaming. This is for the people who have a little time between classes or maybe while on break at work. This is not a heavily involved game, but it requires some attention in that it asks you to make the right determinant on the trajectory numbers when you let the arrow fly.

The Cons

  • Violence- The game depicts some rather gory deaths
  • Difficult- It’s not an easy task to set the arrow
  • Repetitive- The game is not an evolving quest or search

The violence of the game comes in the form of human carnage after your enemy has been destroyed. For those who appreciate violence on a comedic level, this is perfect. It’s hilarious even. However, if you object to violence in games you play or violence in games your kids play, you will have an issue when they play Bowmasters.

Though the game is fun, it can be challenging when setting the correct arc to hit your target. This may not be for everyone because not everyone understands the math behind geometry. I’m not stating you need to be a geometry wizard to understand how to play the game. It is helpful to understand such things if you want to nail your targets successfully every time. The game can be a bit repetitive and one may lose their interest quickly if they just are not turned on by games like Bowmasters, where you don’t go past a simple shooting of an arrow. There is no long, beautiful quest in this game. It shoots your targets and move on.


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