Alto's Odyssey Mobile App Review

Welcome to Alto's Odyssey, where you must ride your trusty sandboard through fantastic desert lands and flawless natural environments of all sorts. As the sequel to Alto's Adventure, Alto's Odyssey is a thrilling standalone follow-up addition to the series. You can use all of the original characters, but you don't need any experience with Alto's Adventure to enjoy this game.

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Get Ready For The Desert Adventure Of A Lifetime

Alto might be an expert snowboarder, but he’s got a lot more tricks up his sleeve to help him traverse the dessert. To win this game, you need to master hot-air balloon rides and mountaineering skills to boot. Not to mention, you need to fend off crafty animals at every turn. As you journey through mysterious temples and sandboard across the blazing hot desert, make sure to watch out for trapdoors and other obstacles.

This game is totally free to try, and you can download Alto’s Odyssey on either Android or iOS today.

Features of the App

  • Plenty Of Engaging Environments To Master – You can explore massive canyons, scale walls across the jungle, and ride across the skies in a hot-air balloon to escape your enemies as you progress through the game’s enormous library of levels.
  • Realistic Weather Systems To Contend With – You might be on a journey to the desert, but you still need to contend with tornadoes and a variety of other natural disasters along the way. Evade lightning storms, waterfalls, and more as you guide Alto to his destination.
  • Multiple Secrets To Unlock – Take to the skies to discover secrets high above the sand with Alto’s signature hot-air balloon and other nifty tools.


  • This game is a great break from typical side-scrolling adventure games. It has a unique plotline and lots of fun of characters. Furthermore, you have to do a lot of different things to pass the levels in Alto’s Odyssey. For example, you have to master skills like climbing, sandboarding, and flying.
  • All of the levels have beautiful artistic rendering, and there are a variety of different natural environments in the game. There is a calming element to several of the levels, and you feel like you are looking at real nature scenes. All of the areas also have their own biome and their own local ecology to explore. Each level has its own weather system for you to deal with, and this makes a lot of interesting gameplay.
  • For all of the different things that you can do inside of this game, the game itself is quite easy to control. You can do everything straight from the touchscreen on your smartphone or tablet, and you can even string together combinations of multiple moves with nothing more than a series of taps.
  • As you progress along your journey through the game, you get to discover and enlist new characters to help you.
  • The game has a very soothing soundtrack.


  • The game has a lot of ads that you need to watch to play for free. Some of them can also cause your mobile device to crash if you don’t have the appropriate hardware. You can’t really escape these ads, and you need to watch one at the end of every level.


This is definitely an epic mobile adventure game. Simply put, everything from the soundtrack to the characters puts this app on another level. If you’re in the mood for a unique riding game, download Alto’s Odyssey today.


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