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Stay on top of the latest weather, especially the wind speeds, for your area using the app. Maps are easy to read, and notifications are sent to your mobile device when there are severe weather situations that you need to be aware of, such as hurricanes or tornadoes.





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Windyty SE

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This is an app that is beneficial in numerous ways. It’s easy to understand, and there are different types of weather that you can view on the map. Aside from viewing detailed maps, you can view the forecast as well. A feature of the app is that you can view forecast details over the span of a few weeks instead of the typical seven to 10 days that many weather channels offer. You can see the wind speeds on the map as well as the different pressure areas and how they combine for different types of weather to occur.

Once you download the app, you can set your location or view any country in the world to get detailed information about wind speeds, temperatures, the types of precipitation that are expected, and significant weather events. You can view tropical storms and hurricanes to see where they could move in the ocean. A compass is available so that you can clearly see the direction of countries and states when you download app. View the details provided by online weather stations as well, receiving notifications from stations so that you stay updated on the weather for your area.


  • View reports for wind speeds as well as forecasts
  • Notifications about weather events
  • View weather history for the past five years


  • Highly detailed maps
  • Chat with weather reporters
  • Track all types of storms
  • Live updates are available


  • Some design details are outdated
  • Times are sometimes off
  • Updates sometimes take a while to load


Monitor changing weather conditions in your area and in other states and countries by using Windy. You’ll be able to get notifications for your area so that you know when severe weather is approaching. View forecasts for your area including wind speeds, precipitation details, and temperatures. You can view details about wind speeds and pressure systems in the oceans to get a better idea of possible weather events that could occur in the near future. Several weather stations make frequent reports, allowing you to interact with the people who report the details. Animations offer details about waves in the ocean. Colors used on the maps make it easy to see temperature changes on land and in bodies of water, such as oceans and large lakes.


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