WeatherBug Mobile App Review and Download

There are some mobile apps that are simply essential. They inform us, keep us in the know, educate us, and keep us prepared. The Weatherbug app is one of those mobile apps that everyone must-have. Weatherbug is chock full of information from the very simple weather information to highly detailed warnings and cautions.






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About the WeatherBug Download

To have the WeatherBug download on your mobile device is like having a mini-weather station at your disposal. The front screen shows the temperature, the atmospheric conditions, the wind, and even a small radar of your immediate area. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The WeatherBug app is loaded with other information such as air-condition, the closest wildfire, the closest lightning strike, precipitation, the pollen count, the UV measurement, as well as cycles of the moon. It is a fascinating app that brings you pertinent information constantly.

Benefits of WeatherBug:

  • Access- the app is readily available at all times
  • Ease of use- the app is extremely easy to use and navigate
  • Information- Want to get up to the minute weather reports? This app can do it.
  • Educating- WeatherBug will teach you everything you need to know about the weather conditions


weatherbug download screenshots of forecast and maps


This is a great app when traveling. Make sure your location is set to always and when you are traveling, it will give you detailed information about the weather in your location. This is perfect for a business trip or vacation. The WeatherBug download does not take up much space, but the one negative about the app is that it can tax the battery because it is constantly running in the background. That is the only downside to the app. Other than this small nuisance, the WeatherBug app is necessary.

Why you should download WeatherBug

You should download this app if you have kids or do any extensive traveling. It’s perfect for areas where the weather changes dramatically. Imagine knowing exactly what the weather is doing at all times in the event of a school cancellation. You will be able to use this app to help navigate through your day with the knowledge of the weather. And if there are any questions, you can use the app to find the answer to your question.

It’s a great app to use in any capacity, but traveling with the app is where the best usage comes in. If you are on a business trip, it’s best to know what the weather is doing in the area you’re traveling to know what to wear, or perhaps plan a business outing with clients. If you have the app and use it extensively, you will be in the know when it comes to weather.


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