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Weather Underground is a collection of weather-related data from independent sources. People set up weather devices like thermometers, barometers, or wind turbines and set them to transmit their data. The Weather Underground app lets users see this data in real-time.

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Weather Underground

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About the Weather Underground App

The Weather Underground app for Android is widely used and highly recommended by many users. The app received a rating of 4.5 out of 5, or “excellent,” from the editor of PC Mag. In short, the app collects data from multiple sources, such as over 33,000 personal weather stations operated by locals who are interested in weather information. The Weather Underground app for Android is free and supplies a constant stream of weather data within an elegant design.

Features of the App

  • Stylish data, including your location, local weather stations, highs and lows, wind speeds, precipitation levels, and a radar map all on the main page.
  • Extended hourly forecasts, an enlarged radar map, sunset and sunrise times, conditions, and moon-phase information.
  • Click the magnifying glass icon to pull up your favorite locations and search for new ones.
  • Current conditions feature lets you add your own input to local conditions.
  • The “Wundermap,” a tool that shows temperature, radar, crowd reports, precipitation, wind, satellite data, and weather fronts on Google Maps.
  • Widgets to see info outside of the app.

Features like these are enough to satisfy anyone from the average joe to a professional meteorologist.

weather underground app screenshot of forecasts and station selections

Pros and Cons of the Weather Underground App

On the positive side, the app doesn’t have a whole lot of cons other than it might be a little overwhelming for some novice weather watchers. Weather Underground contains a veritable smorgasbord of weather data. As a result, this makes it particularly difficult to sort through for some people. Thankfully, the widget feature can simplify things.

There are also ads to deal with, and surely, no one likes ads. The multiple locations feature is also somewhat awkward to use. Still, the whole thing comes in a clear, compact design, and gives you a choice of what data you’d like to receive in the app.

Why You Should Download the App

If you’re into the weather, you should download the Weather Underground app. It’s got everything you could ever desire. The app is widely considered to be the best weather app available for Android.

Another key point is the fact that you can contribute your own data to the app. How cool is it that?! That’s what makes this app unique – a community of users constantly updating the information that feeds into the app. You can either be a part of that or just go along for the ride. Regardless, you probably want to download the app after just thinking about it.


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