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The Weather Channel is my go-to weather app. It displays my current weather conditions and weather alerts in the notification bar. Then, by opening the app, I can check my local weather forecast, find out how the weather could affect my outdoor activities, view the radar, read about or watch videos of weather- and science-related news, and learn about severe weather events in other parts of the world.

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The Weather Channel

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The Weather Channel – All the Weather, All the Time


Since I’m in the US, I have the Weather Channel app set to display the temperature in Fahrenheit, but it also can display it in Celsius. I also have the app set to “Follow Me”, so it displays the weather for wherever I am. I also can add other locations so that I can track the weather wherever I have family or friends or in a travel destination.


With notifications turned on, the app displays the current temperature in my notification bar. If a weather alert is issued in my area, I also see an alert icon. The app also can play a sound when an alert is issued.

A drop-down menu briefly explains the alert and provides the options of opening more details about the alert. You can also open the radar, or open your hourly or daily local forecast. In the main menu under notifications, I can select the alerts I want to receive and change them with the season.


View the radar in motion showing current weather as it approaches, or see the projected future track. Zoom in to street level or widen the display out to see what’s heading in my direction. Also, widen the radar display and move it to see locations all over.

With the layers button, I can choose the style of the display, the types of severe weather it displays, and which layer of information I want to see. In the spring, summer, and fall, I set it to display storm cells and possible tornadoes, but in the winter, I set it to display winter weather. When a storm cell, I can tap on it and find out details about the direction it’s moving, its speed, whether it’s producing hail, how high the cloud tops are, and how great of an overall threat it is among other information. The layers I can display include radar, radar with lightning strikes, the temperature, the UV rating, the heat index in the summer and the wind chill in the winter, the amount of precipitation or snowfall from the past 24 hours, and a rating of how difficult it is to drive.

Other Features

As said before, you can find hourly and daily weather displayed as a graph or even weekly forecasts.

I also can view all of the details of the day’s weather, including wind speeds, pollen counts, the incidents of colds and the flu, whether mosquito activity is high or low, and whether it’s a good day for outdoor activities or whether I’ll need an umbrella.

In addition, I can read news about and watch videos of weather- and science-related news stories, and view the forecast tracks of hurricanes, typhoons, and tropical storms.

More Features

  • Displays current temperature, current weather forecast, hourly and seven-day forecasts, and notification of weather alerts.
  • Radar offers multiple viewing options.
  • It offers additional weather info, such as incidents of cold and flu, the advisability of outdoor activities, driving difficulty, etc.
  • The app has the “Follow Me” option and also allows tracking weather at additional locations.
  • It provides weather-related videos and news reports from around the world.


  • Keeps me informed of good weather, nuisance weather, and dangerous weather.
  • It helps me plan outdoor activities and what to wear.
  • Lets me track the weather affecting friends, family, and travel destinations.


  • View the app in portrait mode, however, it can be annoying on a tablet, which has a keyboard case.

Why Download This App?

Download the Weather Channel app, and if you have “Follow Me” turned on, the Weather Channel tracks the local weather and government-issued alerts wherever you are.

You’ll also know about high UV levels, heat indexes, and the chance of rain showers, snow, or low wind chills.

You’ll know when pollen counts will be high and when mosquito activity increases.

If you have friends or family who live far away, you can track the weather wherever they are. You can do the same for your travel destinations. When you download the Weather Channel app, you’ll find out how useful it will be.


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