AccuWeather Mobile App Review and Download

Everyone talks about the weather, right? If you have no one to gather the latest weather update from, then consider the Accuweather app your next best choice. It has served me well over the past few years, and though it can fill up with advertisements supporting the platform to keep it free for us, the end consumers, it is none the less an informative and helpful full-service weather app.






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AccuWeather: A Dependable Weather App When You Need It

Yes, it is dependable, and better yet, it’s also very detailed. After you select and program any desired location around the globe, you will receive the information you were looking for with the AccuWeather download. I prefer a detailed weather report with all the works, myself. That includes temperature and wind speeds, dew points, current conditions, and updated reports on the hour.

The AccuWeather Download Is Simple; the Interface Is Easy to Use

Again, AccuWeather provides you with a free download. This info-rich application made for end-users can be found on Google Play at no cost! So far there have been over 2.3 million downloads already.

As far as the main page goes, it can tend to look a little busy from a distance. No need to worry though, AccuWeather designed the app to feature your current locations’ top info on the main page of the app. Take a closer glance, and you will find that as you scroll from top to bottom, you probably have all the weather information you will need for the rest of your day.

Features of the AccuWeather Download

  • The ability to have real-time weather warnings and alerts on your smartphone is reassuring.
  • It provides a “Looking Ahead” forecast, predicting weather within the next 12 hours.
  • Weather maps, radar, and weather-related video.
  • All of your current weather conditions on your main page, of course.
  • Ease of access to new weather locations.

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The Positive of the AccuWeather Download

  • The amount of info made available at your fingertips.
  • Ability to choose widgets for different weather locations all on one page.
  • Access to weather radar and videos.

The Negative of the AccuWeather Download

  • Advertisements can be distracting sometimes.
  • It is not difficult to find another weather app to use.

If You Need up to Date and Accurate Weather Information, Look No Further

The AccuWeather download has gone through several different changes since its creation, but continues to receive positive reviews. Plenty of downloads speak for its continued popularity among the masses.

It almost seems that every location of the app’s main screen, when clicked on, will lead you to additional weather information. In other words, don’t wait to explore the many info-dense locations outside of the first screen. It will only keep you even more informed about the weather in your location, leaving you well prepared to plan ahead.

No matter where I am, I can add weather widgets to the main page to access weather info for places I am traveling to for work-related or leisure purposes. I even keep the AccuWeather app widget on the main screen of my smartphone and access it within seconds when I take out my smartphone. It is the first app I check before walking out of any door.


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