YouTube Studio Mobile App Review

Running a YouTube channel can be difficult, especially when you want to go over your videos while you're away from your computer. A new Youtube Studio app does have the potential to assist creators with their channels on their phones, but will it be on par with the website?

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Full Description of the App

After you download Youtube Studio, you’ll have quicker access to your channel and video settings. The app works like the normal Youtube app, whether it’s on Android or iOS. Slide the app to your left, and you can see work on either your dashboard, videos, playlists, comments, analytics, or go on regular Youtube without exiting the app. Your dashboard will present how many subscribers you have, the analytics of your channels, the watch time of your channel, views of your channel, and subscriber change. A green/red arrow determines if your content is going up/down in views or like/dislike ratio.

Your videos can be viewed over for the amount of views you have, the total number of comments left on each video, as well as how many people liked or disliked the video. A globe shown on each video determines if it’s available worldwide (blue) or if it’s limited for some countries (gray). You can also edit your video with the basic info, monetization, or advanced settings of your own content. You can also change your playlists to either add, remove, or rearrange videos, and your playlist can also be renamed if you wish.

Youtube Studio App’s Features

  • Easier access to your channel analytics
  • Better overview of your content settings
  • Playlist Settings
  • Monetization Settings
  • Suited for mobile devices
  • Membership badge now visible on comments from YouTube members
  • Notifications for important updates
  • Thumbnail uploader


  • Much easier to use than on the phone’s browser
  • Ease of use for phone users
  • Checking over videos without difficulty
  • Reliable to keep channel analytics up to date


  • Account logs out from time to time
  • Should have been a part of the other YouTube app.
  • Not too necessary for those that prefer to work on the desktop

Why Someone Should Download YouTube Studio

Getting the YouTube Studio app may seem like it’s not as good as working on the website at first glance, but it manages to be more fulfilling than expected. All of the features found on the website version of YouTube Studio are present, and you’ll have no need to hassle through making changes on your videos or looking over your content. It’s also much better than using the website on a mobile phone’s internet browser, whether it’s Chrome or Safari.

The only negative about the app is that it should have been part of the normal YouTube app, but for those that aren’t always available at their house’s desktop or laptop, then the faster access of a mobile app will certainly be the next best thing. Even if it may not offer much in some way, the option to download Youtube Studio will add more than a hard-to-navigate browser version on your phone.


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