YouTube Mobile App Review and Download

As an avid user of Youtube on the desktop, you might want to get the official mobile app to view videos you love from your mobile devices. That being said, this could be watching Youtube from your phone or tablet.






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What to Know About the YouTube App Download

This sophisticated application allows you to view your favorite videos from Youtube on your Android or iPhone with Apple. It’s great for viewing on tablets while in school or on a lunch break from work. This app keeps you in touch with everything going on in the world that you don’t want to miss. This includes watching in-depth news reports, the latest gaming news or games hitting the market or watching the newest music video of your favorite artist. Here are some of the features people are enjoying when downloading and working with this youtube app.

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  • Use the Home tab to review all of the personal recommendations available
  • Subscribe to your favorite channels in order to remain one of the first to view content
  • Tap on the account tab so you can review the list of videos viewed in the last week


How do I share and connect with the Youtube app?

  • From your phone, you can write detailed comments, like videos and share with friends
  • Enjoy the ability to upload videos you’ve edited for your channels
  • Watch and share live events that are happening at the moment
  • You have the convenience to also share the video to your television with minutes
  • Create playlists of your favorite videos for personal exercise or relaxing to music
  • What are the pros and cons of the Youtube downloader app?


Pros of YouTube

  • Reaches your videos fast
  • Allows you to watch one video while searching for others
  • Ability to skip ads just like you can on the desktop version
  • You can change the quality of the video you are watching
  • Full VR capabilities at your convenience
  • It has hearing-impaired assistance where you can turn on captions for all videos
  • It allows you to report any videos you are uncomfortable with and need to tell the staff
  • You can download a video to your phone by going through the Youtube Premium


Cons of YouTube

  • There are a lot of updates you will have to get used to
  • There seem to be a lot more ads before each video
  • The playback controls are complicated than expected
  • Too many recommendations
  • Swipe to video can be annoying
  • Youtube Premium is not free
  • Updates can interfere with your device

Everyone should download the Youtube download app because of its convenience. We all don’t walk about with our laptops or our desktops. Being able to download the youtube app to your Android or Apple iPhone is a breath of fresh air because its so easy to do. This can be a wonderful thing to know that you can still watch all of your favorite videos while riding the train or the bus. The youtube downloader makes it possible and is the best to keep all of your videos organized as well. It can be a pain to track all of the videos you’ve watched in the last couple of days. Use the app to create personal playlists. Finally, use the youtube downloader to make life easier and get your videos at your fingertips.


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